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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Number Plates

Our plates are becoming more popular as a gift are becoming more popular as a gift for Christmas and every other special occasions. Treat that special person to gift which they are likely to use every day for the rest of their life!

We usually get a lot of questions around buying a private registration as a gift, below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked:

Can I purchase a private number plate as a gift?

Yes, of course. Absolute Reg can supply all registrations on a certificate of entitlement which are valid for 10 years, this means you don’t even require to have to assign the number plate straight to a vehicle.

Is the DVLA transfer fee payable even if we don’t have a vehicle?

Yes, the DVLA transfer fee is payable at the point of purchase for all our registration marks. This means when you come to assign the registration at a later date the transfer fee is already paid, you will not have to pay the transfer fee again.

If I pay for the fully managed transfer service, does this mean the registration is transferred immediately?

No, the fully managed transfer fee is valid for the lifetime of the registration. When you are ready to assign the number plate simply follow the instructions you receive via email and your registration would be transferred within 7 working days.

You can select the fully managed transfer as you proceed through the checkout – (Page after you enter your name & address)

What information do I require to purchase as a gift?

The only information which Absolute Reg require in order for you to complete a purchase is the name of the registered keeper, this is usually the name of the owner of the vehicle.

This is entered during the checkout process under the ‘Nominee Name Field’.

Can I reserve a number plate?

Absolute Reg require a full payment in order to reserve the registration. We have teamed up with Honey Combe Finance to help budget and offer competitive finance packages. You can select finance as a payment method as you proceed through the checkout process.

Can I arrange for the transfer to be transferred on a specific day (Christmas)?

If you purchase the fully managed transfer and have access to the log book we are able to complete the transfer on a specific day, if you order prior to the 20th December.

Please note: although this is not guaranteed Absolute Reg have a 99% success rate to transfer registrations on specific days, the vehicle must be MOT’d and taxed.

Please ensure you state the day in which you require the transfer to be completed when sending the log book

Will I receive a set of number plates?

Absolute Reg offer to send a set of number plates to you, these are usually selected when purchasing as a gift, this means you would have something wrap up and present to that special person!

You can select a set of number plates as you proceed through the checkout – (Page after you enter your name & address)

Please note all our mailing packaging is discrete and does not refer to Absolute Reg in any means.

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