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Absolute Reg is constantly looking for fresh new registrations to purchase into stock or to sell on a commission basis.

With years of experience selling car registration plates, Absolute Reg is the perfect place to turn when you want to sell your cherished registration plate. Absolute Reg won't just leave your private plate sitting on the website waiting for potential buyers to find it - we will go and actively find buyers for you! Absolute Reg will market your registration plate across different networks and social media sites, as well as national newspapers and magazines.

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Selling My Number Plate FAQs

Can I sell my private number plate back to the DVLA?

No, you cannot sell number plates back to the DVLA. The DVLA creates and sells new private number plates, but won’t buy plates that have been registered to a vehicle. If you’re looking to sell a private number plate, you can only sell it to another person or through a dealer.

What is my number plate worth?

How much a number plate is worth can vary depending on a few different factors, such as if the number plate spells out a word or phrase, or has an arrangement of letters that are common initials.

Can I sell my car and keep the number plate?

Yes, you can keep your private number plates even if you sell your car. When you sell your car, you can take off the private number plate and register it to another vehicle. You can apply to keep your number plate online through the DVLA’s personalised registration service, or apply by post with a V317 form and the vehicles' logbook.

How long will my private number plate take to sell?

The time it takes to sell a private number plate can vary depending on a number of factors. Depending on the popularity of the combination of letters and numbers or the plate, the time it takes to sell it to another person can vary from days to months.

You can sell your personalised number plate to a dealer, which can take approximately a few days to two weeks, depending on the time it takes for paperwork to be completed.

What is your fee for selling my number plate?

We don't charge the seller any fee to sell the registration with us, the new buyer is charged the commission, therefore you (the seller) would retain the full value of the plate.

Can I sell a number plate that’s on retention?

If you have the correct certificates, you can legally sell your number plate on retention. Ensure you have the Retention Document (V778) to hand before starting the selling process. If you’re unsure how to get this certificate, read our guide to the DVLA V778 Retention Document to learn more.

When will I get paid once my plate has been sold?

If the buyer is putting the plate to their vehicle, then you’ll be paid once the DVLA has confirmed it has been transferred. Likewise, if the buyer is putting the plate on retention, you’ll be paid once we receive the updated certificate from the DVLA.

What happens if I believe I can sell my plate for more than the valuation?

We use our extensive experience and market knowledge to provide the most accurate, realistic valuation possible. If we believe your valuation is significantly higher than the predicted market value, then we may decline to advertise it for you, as there is little chance of the plate finding a buyer.

Can I sell my number plate privately?

Yes, you can sell your private plate privately. However, if you want to get the best price for your plate, we recommend working with a dealer. We have experts with vast market knowledge, so you can be confident that your number plate valuation is realistic and achievable. As a result, working with a dealer offers you the best chance of success.

Can you sell number plates on Facebook?

Yes, there are Facebook groups available where you can sell your number plate. However, this is not the most effective way to sell your plate. By working with a dealer, you can advertise your plates in multiple places at once, including newspapers and magazines.

Can you sell number plates on eBay?

You can sell your number plate on eBay, but you may be less likely to make a sale. One reason is because there are fewer payment options. For example, if you buy a number plate from a website like Absolute Reg, you can pay up front or in instalments. Another reason is because there is no customer support provided from eBay. Comparatively, a dealer like Absolute Reg can support you through buying and transferring your plate, so you’re legally compliant.

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