Selling Terms & Conditions


By agreeing to these terms below, you are entering into a legally binding contract between yourself and Absolute Reg. Registrations advertised by Absolute Reg confirm you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

  • Absolute Reg LTD is acting as the agent of the sale for the registration mark agreed in the terms below. Absolute Reg LTD will never be the owner of the registration during the transaction proceedings. 
  • In our business contracts the 'Purchaser' referred to is the person or organization wishing to acquire the rights to a vehicle registration mark via the Company, either for themselves or another, in exchange for a monetary consideration. The Purchaser is the person who states they are placing the order and creates a contract with the Company. All subsequent communication will be between the Company and the Purchaser.
  • Government registration mark holding certificates that mention the ‘Purchaser or Grantee’ describe other persons, as they are formed by separate contracts, more below.
  • The 'Seller' referred to here is the person or organization, which is wishing to dispose of the rights to a registration mark.
  • The Company agrees to provide these transferable rights in exchange for cleared funds, to the named person or entity chosen by our purchaser. Once the original Purchaser has assigned or transferred this right to a suitable vehicle officially kept by that new person or entity (chosen by our purchaser), then the keeper of that vehicle will have future control over that registration mark. This is in accordance with the rules and provisions of the DVLA Cherished Transfer Scheme.
  • Should the seller agree and confirm to all the below terms and conditions, Absolute Reg will handle the legal transfer process free of charge.
  • Should Absolute Reg agree a sale with both the seller and the buyer, should the sale not be completed by the seller due to an increase in the asking price, Absolute Reg are within rights to instruct legal advisors to claim for any loss of earnings from the agreed sale mark. This process can also be followed should the seller not notify Absolute Reg of a number being sold when a sum has already been agreed. 
  • Should Absolute Reg complete a sale of the submitted mark, it is the third parties seller responsibilty to ensure the correct registration has been submitted. Should the sale be signed Absolute Reg are in their rights to instruct legal advisors to claim for any loss of earning and brand defamantion caused.
  • Absolute Reg are within their rights to claim againist the form submitter or the legal owner of the registraion, this is the sole decision of legal advisors if required.
  • Absolute Reg recongise a confirmed contract via an email or terms and conditions attahced to an email or recieved in the postal service. 
  • The seller is liable to send all requested documents within 3 weeks of being requested in order to complete the transfer process.
  • If the sellers registration mark is held on retention, it is the sellers liability to ensure the certificate is valid at the time of listing and sale.
  • Absolute Reg may contact the seller with a conditional offer from a third party buyer.
  • It is the sellers’ liability to check the registration document to confirm the registration mark can be retained and transferred. If the registration mark cannot be retained or transferred, Absolute Reg is unable to sell this registration mark.
  • Any events to cause delay to the registration process outside of the control of Absolute Reg (e.g. postal system, email, DVLA) will relieve Absolute Reg of all liabilities.
  • Absolute Reg will give a valuation based on the price of market research at the time of the valuation request.
  • It is the sellers’ liability to ensure Absolute Reg is informed if the registration is no longer available. If Absolute Reg finds a buyer for your registration and the seller is to withdraw the registration plate from sale, the seller is responsible for paying £25 in addition any commission to be made to Absolute Reg.
  • Should a registration mark being sold be assigned to a vehicle, it is the sellers’ responsibility to ensure the assigned vehicle is MOT’d and taxed before the transfer process is initiated.
  • Should the seller wish to remove the registration mark from sale, a written letter / email sent to the below is required:
  • Address – Absolute Reg, 104 Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent, TN16 3SB
  • Email –
  • Absolute Reg will hold no responsibility for the V5C. Relevant documents will show the registration mark has been changed by the driver and vehicle licensing agency.
  • Absolute Reg will not accept responsibility for any losses and damages incurred from delayed documents from either the seller or the buyer.
  • All payments will be made post the completion of the legal transfer process, and once all documents have been acquired by the DVLA. The complete transfer is marked by Absolute Reg when a replacement log book for the sellers’ vehicle has been issued. Absolute Reg will require a copy of the V5 (Log book) prior to any payment being processed. All payments will be processed via bank transfer or cheque.
  • If a customer requests for a registration mark to be withdrawn from sale, Absolute Reg are not required to offer a refund of any subscription payments made.
  • Terms and conditions can be changed without notice, although terms and conditions will be reviewed every month.
  • Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Terms and Conditions last reviewed January 2020