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This privacy policy governs how we collect and process your customer information through our website

By agreeing to the policy or by providing us with your data you confirm that you are at least 13 years of age.

Absolute Reg Ltd are the data controller and we are responsible for your personal data (referred to as "we", "us" or "our" in this privacy notice).

Contact Details

Our full details are:

Legal Business Name: Absolute Reg Limited

Email address:

Postal address:            104 Jail Lane

Biggin Hill, Kent

TN16 3SB


Telephone number:   0207 205 2347

Should you wish to access, update or correct any of the information we hold about you you can contact us at the following email address:



Personal data is information that can personally identify you, for example you name, address and email address. It does not include any data that we have anonymised.

We may process the following categories of personal data about you:

Communication Data including anything you send to us, for example text messages, emails social media messages or by filling in any of the forms contained within this website. We process this data so that we can contact you, keep records as well as use this information should we initiate, or in the course of legal proceedings in any context.

Our legal grounds for processing this information is our legitimate interests to reply to your communications, and communicate with you for the purposes of delivering our services.

Customer Data including data given by you in the process of purchasing one of our services or products. Customer data usually means you name, tittle, billing and/or shipping address, telephone number, details of the product/service purchased as well as your credit or debit card information.

Our legal grounds for the processing of this information is so that we can enter into and perform our obligations under the contract between us and you.

User Data including the analytical data we collect about you as you use our website, and any content you publish on our website or other online applications/websites. We process this data so that we can operate, administer and maintain our website and its databases.

Our legal grounds for processing this information is our legitimate interests to be able to administer our website and operate our business.

Technical Data including data about how you use our website, your IP address, login information, what browser you are using to view our website, how long you spend on our website, which pages you view, the number of times you have visited our website, the time zone and country you are in, and other technologies active on the device you use to visit our website. We process this data through our analytics system to give us insights into demographics and how users and interacting with our website. We use the data to provide you with a personalised and relevant experience on our website. We also use this information to present you with digital advertisements as well as to understand the effectiveness of such advertisements.

Our legal grounds for collecting and processing this information is our legitimate interests to administer our website, business and develop data lead marketing strategies.

Marketing Data including data about your marketing and communication preferences. We process this information so that you can participate in our promotions, prize draws and giveaways. We also process this data to understand the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

Our legal grounds for collecting and processing this information is our legitimate interests to understand how our services are used, to develop such services and to create effective marketing strategies to market said services.

We may use Customer Data, User Data, Technical Data and Marketing Data together or separately to serve digital advertisements (this includes advertisements served through social media sites such as Facebook and/or search based advertisements served through platforms such as Google Adwords) as well as to understand the effectiveness of said advertisements.

Our lawful ground for this processing is legitimate interest to grow our business as well as that you consent to receive such marketing communications and advertisements.

Where law requires us to collect personally identifiable information or where information is necessary to perform our obligations under contract, and that information is requested but not supplied, we may have to cancel the contract. However should this be the case we will promptly contact you.

We only collect personal data for the purpose it was collected for or for a purpose that is reasonably compatible with such a purpose. Should you require more information about this you can contact us at Should we need to use your data for any other purpose we will contact you notifying you of our intention to do so and our grounds for processing that information for another purpose. We may also process this information without your consent or knowledge where the law permits us to.

We do not make automated decisions, nor do we automatically create profiles from personally identifiable information.



We collect information provided by you for example when you send us an email or engage with our social media channels. We also collect information automatically through the use of cookies.

To find out more about cookies, what they are and what they do visit:

We also receive data from third parties about you including from analytics provides like Google, which may or may not be based outside of the EU. We also receive data about you from advertising providers such as Facebook, who again may be based outside of the EU. We also receive data from data brokers, aggregators and payment and delivery services. Further we also receive information about you from public sources such as Companies House and/or the Electoral Register.

We may also receive data from publicly available sources such as Companies House and the Electoral Register based inside the EU.

Purposes for processing your personal data

The below table details how we intend to use the various different types of data, as well as our legal ground for processing or collecting it. There may be more than one legal ground to process your information, depending on the purpose we are processing it for.

You can email us at if you want information on the legal grounds for processing your information, or the specific ground where there is more than one legal ground for processing it.


Purpose Type of Data Legal Grounds

Registering you as a new customer on our website




So we can perform our obligations under contract

To process your purchase of services and/or products and collect debt owed to us







So we can perform our obligations under contract


The recovery of debt owed to us

To administer and manage the relationship between us and you


Notifications about changes to our privacy policy, data breaches or other policies


Requesting you to leave a review about services you have used or purchased, and/or customer surveys.








So we can perform our obligations under contract


Our legitimate interest to administer our business


Our legitimate interest to develop our products and services

To allow you to participate in a prize draw, competition or giveaway







So we can perform our obligations under contract


Our legitimate interest to develop our products and services

Administer and protect our business interests including system testing, analysis, maintenance and reporting




To secure our website


For the purposes of restructuring our organisation


To comply with an obligation under law.

To deliver marketing communications and relevant content to you, and to understand how effective such communications or content is.








Our legitimate interests to understand how our customer engage with our website and communications.


Our legitimate interests to grow our business and develop effective marketing strategies


Using analytics to improve our website, products and services as well as customer service



Our legitimate interests to administer our website, deliver relevant and up-to-date content and develop effective marketing strategies

Recommend relevant products and services that may be of interest to you.






Our legitimate interests to develop effective marketing strategies and grow our business.



Our legal grounds for processing your data is our legitimate interests to grow our business, we only send you marketing communications with your express consent for us to do so.

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations allow us to send you marketing communications if you made a purchase or asked for information from us about our services and/or products or where you have agreed to receive marketing communications and in both scenarios you have not opted out of receiving communications since. If you’re a limited company, we can send you marketing emails without your consent. However you may opt out of receiving marketing emails at any time.

We will always get your express consent before we pass your data onto any 3rd party for the purposes of their own marketing.

You can request us and or/3rd parties to stop sending you marketing communications at any time by opting out using the links on any such communication. Alternatively by contacting us at

opt-outs do not apply to personal data provided to us as a result of other transactions.



We may be required to share information about you with the following parties:

  • Our service providers including IT and system administrative services.
  • Professional service providers including legal, financial, auditing and insurance service providers 
  • Governmental organisations, including the Office of The Data Commissioner, who may require us to disclose processing activity
  • Our financial providers including Deko Finance (a trading name of Pay4Later Limited)
  • The 3rd parties who we may sell, share or merge parties of our business with

All 3rd parties that we transfer or pass your data to are required to respect the secure integrity of your data and must process it in full compliance with law. We shall only transfer said data if the 3rd party is processing it for the purposes set out in the table above.



In compliance with the law we have security measures integrated into our website to prevent the accidental loss, unauthorised access, alteration or disclosure of your data. We only allow access to your data to our employees, trusted partners who have a legitimate need to access such data. They are bound to process your data inline with our instructions and must keep such data confidential.

We have defined data breach procedures and will alert you to any known breaches of the secure integrity of your data as soon as practicable.



We shall only retain information about you for as long as is necessary to meet purpose it was collected for, as well as to fulfill any legal obligation.

To decide the appropriate amount of time to keep the data we analyse it’s nature, the amount of data we hold, the risk in holding such information and whether the purpose of collecting such data can be met by other means.

For tax purposes the law requires us to keep basic information about our customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six years after they stop being customers.

The requires us to keep customer and transaction information for the purposes of taxation for a period of 7 years from the date you cease to be our customer.

We may also anonymise your data for the purposes of statistical research, we are not required to notify you of this, further we may hold this information indefinitely.



You have rights over how we collect, process and use your data. This includes the right to access your data, correct, restrict use of, transfer, object to processing, or completely erase your data. You also have a right to object to your data being transported or remotely accessed. You can also withdraw your consent for us to hold and process this data at anytime.

You can find out more about your data protection rights at

Should you wish to execute any of your rights at anytime please email

We won’t charge you anything to exercise your rights, however in the circumstance that your request is unfounded in law, repetitive or excessive we may charge you a reasonable fee or refuse to execute the request.

We may need to request information from you about you to confirm your identity so that we don’t disclose your information to anyone who is not authorised to receive the information.

We try to execute all data requests within 30 days. Should your request be complex we may take longer, however we will notify you if this is the case.

If you’re not satisfied with how we collect process or use your information you can complain to the governing body for data, The Information Commissioner's Office. Should you have a complaint we politely ask that you contact us first so that we may have the opportunity to resolve your complaint.

You can contact the Data Commissioner’s Office at



Our website includes links to 3rd party website and applications. Should you engage or click on such a link the 3rd party may be able to collect and process information about you. We are not responsible for the practices or privacy policies of such 3rd parties and you should read fully their policies in regard to your data.



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