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Cheap Private Number Plates Under £200


There are many reasons to shop for a cheap number plate. Personalised number plates are a great way to add a touch of identity to your vehicle without breaking the bank. It is also a fantastic way to hide the age of your vehicle. 

Absolute Reg offers a huge range of cheap number plates for you to buy. You can search through our massive stock of cheap private plates to find the perfect match for you and your car. 

Whether you are looking for your initials, a nickname or just something unique, we definitely have a cheap number plate for you in our stock of over 50 million car registrations.

What Style is Usually the Cheapest?

Northern Irish Number Plates are usually among the cheapest number plates you can buy as many owners pay nothing for them in the first place as they are automatically issued to DVLA registered Northern Irish vehicles. There is also an abundance of supply, keeping prices low and affordable for you when you buy your personalised registration!

Northern Irish car registrations have never changed over the years, and are now used as plates in the UK and Northern Ireland for private number plates. Northern Irish registration marks will always contain I or Z, to represent the area of Northern Ireland in which they were first issued. They are also highly flexible in the number of creative combinations that you can make with them.

What other Styles are Affordable?

You can find affordable plates in all styles when buying through Absolute Reg.

Current / New Style

Current registration plates, also referred to “new style registrations”, are probably the second most affordable number plates after Irish Number Plates. These were introduced in September 2001. These number plates identify the year of issuance with a number. For example, 01 = Mar 2001, the first month of issuance. The only downside to these plates is that they cannot be attached to most older vehicles. However, in terms of price, this often means that many new style registrations are not in high demand, keeping prices low.

Prefix Style

Prefix number plates were launched in 1983, and contain a letter at the beginning of the registration to indicate the year in which the vehicle was registered. For example, A = August 1983, the first month of issuance. These are usually more expensive than Current Registrations, but you can still nonetheless occasionally find some under £200.

Suffix Style

Suffix number plates were introduced in 1963, and contain three letters and three numbers. The last letter indicates the year in which the vehicle was registered, for example, A = August 1963. These, like Prefix style plates, are usually more expensive than Current Registrations, but you can still nonetheless occasionally find some under £200.


Dateless number plates can be used on any vehicle regardless of age. Often a prized collectors item owing to its rarity, a dateless reg plate contains a combination of 1, 2 or 3 numbers/letters. For example, A1, 123 A, or 123 ABC. These are also sometimes referred to as cherished number plates, as they are in high demand and among the first car registrations ever issued by the DVLA. However, it is not uncommon to find an affordable cherished registration in the Absolute Reg stock.

Buy Cheap Number Plates as Gifts

With Absolute Reg’s range of car registrations under £200, number plates now make incredible affordable gifts. 

And purchasing a number plate as a gift is an effortless process.

The only information and details we would require is the name you wish for the registration plate to be registered in, and this is required to be the same as on the V5C (Log Book) of the vehicle.

For more info on buying a personalised number plate as a gift, head here.

And to find the perfect registration plate for your loved one, simply use the super search bar (found here) to browse our selection for the perfect gift for your loved one today. 

The best tactic is to search the name of the person or something special about the occasion. For example, if their name is “George”, simply search “George”. If it is for Mother’s Day, you can search “MOM”. With over 55 million to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect plate for your loved one!

How Can I Get a Better Price?

Our Price Promise

Whether you are looking for a low price number plate to help hide the age of your vehicle, or just to add that personalised touch, our stock of over 50 million registrations is sure to provide the perfect match for your budget. At Absolute Reg, we will not be beaten on price - our price promise guarantees that you will get the best deal on the best selection of private registration plates. In fact, prices for our number plate prices start as low as £89! Found a cheaper number plate elsewhere? Absolute Reg will be sure to match it or even beat it by £5 wherever possible.

Apply for Finance Online

Even when your number plate is under £200, Absolute Reg allows you to purchase your dream number plate without paying everything upfront. That is why we have made the option for finance available. At Checkout, you can select the option to Finance your number plate anywhere between 2 and 48 months. At Absolute Reg, we want to provide you with every opportunity to afford a great registration plate, so we also offer you the option of not paying any deposit at all.

How to Buy a Cheap Number Plates

To find the perfect personalised number plate for you or your loved one, head over to our search engine page by clicking this link here.