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Cherished Number Plates

With over 42 million registrations to choose from, if you’re in the market for a Cherished Number Plate that’s as unique as you are, Absolute Reg will help you find one that’s perfect. For your business, to match your name, or to simply make whatever you’re driving look more exclusive, whatever you’re looking for, our huge selection of affordable private registrations has something for everybody.

Registration Suitability

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Registration types

There are many types of car registration plate, main of which include a location and year identifier for when and where the mark was first registered. Some others more cherished plates are dateless meaning that they can be applied to any vehicle regardless of its age.

Current/ New style

New style

Current registration plates, also referred to “new style registrations”, were introduced in September 2001. These number plates identify the year of issuance with a number. For example, 01 = Mar 2001, the first month of issuance.


Prefix Style


Prefix number plates were lauched in 1983, and contain a letter at the beginning of the registration to indicate the year in which the vehile was registered. Foe example, A = August 1983, the first month of issuance.


Suffix Style


Suffix number plates were introduced in 1963, and contain three letters and three numbers. The last letter indicates the year in which the vehicle was registrered, for example, A = August 1963.

ABC 123



Dateless number plates can be used vehicle regardless of age. Often a prized collectors item owing to its rarity, a dateless reg plate contains a combinationof 1,2 or 3 numbers/letters. For example, A1, 123 A, or 123 ABC.

123 ABC