Motorcycle Number Plates 


Can I Get A Private Motorcycle Number Plate?

Of course, you can privatise your motorcycle number plate and it's just as easy as finding a private number plate for your car. Motorcycle number plates follow all the same regulations and rules as normal number plates, the only difference being that they must be on two lines. This is so that the number plate isn't so wide that it doesn't fit on your motorcycle and is clear and visible. 

Getting a private number plate for your motorcycle can be a stylish way to personalise your bike. As well as being a good way to improve the look of your bike, buying a private motorcycle number plate is a great investment.

See below how you can purchase a private number plate for your motorcycle.

How Can I Buy A Private Number Plate For My Motorcycle? 

It's as easy to purchase private motorcycle number plates as it is to buy them for a car. With Absolute Reg, all you have to do is use our super search feature and follow the process below:

1. Search For A Private Number Plate

You can search over 50 million DVLA number plates using our search bar. No matter what you need it for, you can find the best number plate that is as unique as you, whether you need it for your business, to match your name, or even for something more personal.

2. Check To See if it is Suitable For Your Motorcycle

When you've found the perfect personalised number plate for your motorcycle, you can find out what private registration is best for it. Motorcycles cannot be registered with registration numbers older than their vehicles (except for Northern Irish registration numbers).

3. Click “View and Buy” and Checkout

You can buy a number plate once you've found the perfect one by clicking “View and Buy”.

What Types of Motorcycle Number Plates Are Available? 

At Absolute Reg, we supply a wide range of motorcycle number plate styles for you to choose from. All these styles are road legal and we have millions of options to select from. See our number plate styles below.

New/Current Style 

Current style number plates, also known as new style number plates, were first issued by the DVLA back in 2001. This happened once the DVLA had exhausted the prefix age identifier options.

The current style uses 2 letters at the beginning, representing the area of the issuing plate. This is followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.

Prefix Style 

Prefix DVLA number plates were first issued in August 1983 after seeing the suffix registration marks expire from the issue. Prefix registrations are most popular across the private number plate market.

Similar to suffix registrations, the first character in a prefix number plate relates to the issue year. For example, if A is the first letter of the registration, it represents 1983.

Suffix Style 

Suffix style motorcycle plates were first issued in 1963 and ran till 1982. They use a letter at the end of the registration plate as an age identifier.

As an age identifier, letters were used at the end of the registration. Registrations ending in A, for instance, represented 1963, while registrations ending in Y, for instance, represented 1982.


In 1904, the DVLA decided to fit a registration mark on every vehicle, so they have been around for a while.

The first dateless private number plates were issued in 2 batches. The ordinary dateless number plate, and then a reversed dateless number plate. 

Why Buy Private Motorcycle Number Plates From Absolute Reg? 

Largest Stock

We have more licence plates in stock than the DVLA, making us one of the largest retailers in the country!

Price Promise

Our price promise makes sure you get the best deals on motorcycle plates at Absolute Reg.

Lifetime Customer Service

Our experienced after-sales team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your purchase.

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Get your private motorcycle number plate online or by phone today and discover why private motorcycle number plates are so popular!

Certificate of Entitlement

The DVLA will issue a V750 certificate of entitlement when you purchase a new personalised motorcycle number plate.

Selling Your Motorcycle's Private Registration Plate 

As a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations, no one is better at selling your personalised motorcycle number plates than Absolute Reg.

Your motorcycle number plate will be advertised across our social media platforms, national newspapers, and more! As a result, your motorcycle number plate is sold to the right person.

It is our goal to actively find someone to buy your DVLA motorcycle number plate and sell it at a great price. 

Buying Private Motorcycle Number Plates As Gifts 

Number plates are now affordable gifts for friends and family with Absolute Reg's motorcycle registrations starting at just £50. A motorcycle number plate can also be purchased as a gift quickly and easily.

We only need the name of the registration plate to register. V5C (log book) of the vehicle must also contain this information.

See our blog on how to perfectly gift wrap number plates.

Buying Private Number Plates For A Motorcycle on Finance 

For motorcycle registration plates that exceed your budget, you can also apply for financing. In addition to our price match guarantee, we are a recognised reseller of DVLA motorcycle registrations. 

We will either match the price or beat it by £5 if you find the same motorcycle number plate elsewhere. With Absolute Reg, you get the motorcycle registration plates of your dreams along with the best customer service in the industry!

Motorcycle number plates FAQ 

What size number plate do you need for a motorcycle? 

Most commonly, plates measure nine inches by seven inches. There is no exact rule regarding plate size, but the letters on it must always adhere to the laws that the DVLA set out.

Can I get 4D and 3D acrylic number plates for my motorcycle? 

4D and 3D number plates provide a cleaner finish to your motorcycle number plate. However, they need to stick to the DVLA guidelines in terms of the sizes of the lettering and make sure that the plate is displayed on the back of the motorcycle. So you can get 4D and 3D number plates for your motorcycle.

What are the cheapest motorcycle number plates? 

To find cheap motorcycle number plates. See our page for private number plates for as little as £50 and more. However, the more unique your number plate is the more expensive it could be. Explore our options below. 

Cheap plates for less than £50
Cheap plates for less than £100
Cheap plates for less than £200
Cheap plates for less than £500

Why don't motorcycles have a front number plate? 

The reason you don't see motorcycles with a registration plate at the front is simply down to space and clarity. Motorcycles have more space at the back of the vehicles which allows number plates to be displayed more clearly than at the front.

What is the law on motorcycle number plates?

To be legally compliant, number plates must be made of reflective material and have a yellow background with black characters. The background must also not have a pattern, and the supplier must be shown on the plate. It must also be marked with a British Standard Number. To learn more, read our guide to motorcycle number plate laws

Can I get a number plate for my moped?

Yes, you can get a number plate for your moped. In fact, you must display your number plate as a legal requirement, and it must meet DVLA regulations. This includes the size, visibility and formatting of the plate. 

Can I put a black and white number plate on my motorcycle?

Yes, you can put a black and white number plate on your motorcycle. However, you can only do so if the motorcycle was registered before 1 January 1975. Still, you need to meet the regulations set by the DVLA in order to be legally compliant. 

What are motorcycle number plates made from?

Most commonly, motorcycle number plates are made from acrylic. This is because they’re both durable and reflective. As a result, they offer good visibility in different lighting conditions. They can also withstand rain, sunlight and other weather conditions without being damaged. 

How do I change my motorcycle number plate?

If you want to change your motorcycle number plate, you need to remove the old plate, measure the target area, partially screw in the number plate, use sticky pads to secure, tighten the screws and adjust where needed. Learn more in our guide to removing motorcycle number plates

How much does a motorcycle number plate cost?

The cost of a motorcycle number plate starts at around £15, but can vary depending on the manufacturer, type of number plate and registration number. Search for a number plate to see the price for the plate you’re hoping to buy.