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Northern Irish Number Plates


When people speak of “Irish Number Plates” in the UK, they are usually referring to Northern Irish Number Plates specifically. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, whereas The Republic of Ireland is not. Thus, car registrations valid in Northern Ireland are also valid in England and the rest of the UK, as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is merged with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Northern Ireland.

Northern Irish number plates also differ from number plates from the Republic of Ireland (also referred to as “Southern Ireland”) in terms of format too. Whilst Southern Irish number plates always begin with numbers first, Northern Irish number plates, like other number plate styles valid in the UK, begin with letters.

Why are Northern Irish Number Plates Popular?

Northern Ireland registration marks are an outstanding way to hide the age of your vehicle, as well as display your initials, lucky numbers or even your name for as cheap as possible.

Every Northern Ireland car registration mark contains either the letter I or Z, along with a combination of other letters, as this helps the DVLA record where each Irish number plate was originally registered.

All Northern Irish registrations are dateless too, which means they don’t have any identifying patterns that give away the age of your vehicle. Thus, Northern Irish Number Plates can go onto any car regardless of the vehicle’s age. This makes them highly sought after and often allows them to appreciate in value as time goes on.

These are also usually among the cheapest number plates you can buy as many owners pay nothing for them in the first place as they are automatically issued to DVLA registered Northern Irish vehicles. There is also an abundance of supply, keeping prices low and affordable for you when you buy your personalised registration! At Absolute Reg, you can find Northern Irish Registrations for as little as £89.

So from saving you money, having your initials on a dateless number plate to adding a little extra luck to your vehicle, no matter the age, a Northern Irish number plate is always a great purchase!

Irish Private Number Plates

Northern Irish number plates are popular choices for people who want a personalised plate or private plate.

Their short codes allow people to be creative with the ways the personalised registration reads. As personalised number plates can often be quite expensive, Northern Irish number plates are a cheaper alternative as they allow you to be equally as inventive with dateless number plates whilst saving money at the same time.


Do Northern Irish Number Plates Make Great Gifts?

Northern Irish number plates are highly sought after as gifts. This is for 2 reasons. Firstly, because Northern Irish Number Plates are often cheaper than Dateless registrations or cherished registrations, it is an inventive way to give someone you love a special gift without breaking the bank. At Absolute Reg, you can find Northern Irish Registrations for as little as £89.

Secondly, Northern Irish number plates can be personalised, allowing people to find creative ways to use them to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and more!


How Do I Read and Identify Northern Irish Number Plates?

From a distance, Northern Irish number plates do look quite similar visually to number plates used in the rest of mainland UK. Plates are also white at the front and yellow at the back, and the characters are black too. The difference between Northern Irish Number Plates comes in the form of the codes.

The current style or new style number plates which are currently being released by the DVLA twice a year, uses 2 letters at the beginning, representing the area of the issuing plate, followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.

Compare that to an Irish registration code which will display one to three letters followed by between one and four numbers. The prefix in a Northern Irish number plate also denotes the area the registration comes from.


How do I transfer Northern Irish Number Plates?

Absolute Reg is home to over 50 million car registrations, including many Northern Irish Number Plates. If you purchase your Northern Irish number plate from us, we will take care of the transfer just as we do with all our other car registrations. Northern Irish Number Plates can also be transferred onto a Retention Certificate (V778) and held for a number of years.


Transferring Northern Irish Number Plates onto Your Motorcycle

There are no restrictions in transferring an Irish Number Plate onto a motorcycle. As long as it is currently taxed and MOT’d, it’s perfectly legal.


How Do I Purchase a Northern Irish Number Plate?

Absolute Reg we have thousands of Northern Irish Number Plates in stock. You can find a personalised plate for as little as £89.

What are you waiting for?

To find the perfect Northern Irish Number Plate, simply head on over to our super search bar (found at the top of this page) and find the best priced Northern Irish Number Plate in the whole of the UK!


Changes to Northern Irish Reg Plates

On 21st July 2014, the DVLA took over all registration transfer services including the Northern Irish transfer procedure making it even easier and cheaper for all customers looking for a private number plate in NI. You can now simply find your perfect number plate from Absolute Reg.This ensures you not only get the personalised license plate you want, but that you also get the fastest transfer possible. Plus if you do get stuck at any point, our friendly after-sales care team is only a phone call away.