Northern Irish Number Plates


What are Northern Irish Number (NI) Plates?

Northern Irish number plates are registration plates assigned to vehicles in Northern Ireland. These types of number plates differ from number plates in the rest of the UK due to having no year indicators, meaning they can be assigned to any vehicle regardless of age.

Absolute Reg is a recognised reseller of Northern Irish number plates in the UK. We pride ourselves on our outstanding stock of over 50 million personalised plates. So, use our free number plate search facility to find the perfect private plate for you and your car!

How Do I Buy a Northern Irish Number Plate?

1. Search For a Northern Irish Number Plate

Use our search bar to browse over collections of Irish number plates. Whether it is for your business, to match your initials, or to simply do something more unique, finding a number plate that is personal to you couldn’t be simpler.

2. Check to see if it is Suitable for Your Vehicle

When you’ve found your ideal Irish number plate, you can check to see what private registrations are suitable for your vehicle.

3. Click “View and Buy” and Checkout

Once you’ve found the Irish number plate of your dreams, simply click the “View and Buy” button and checkout. The DVLA will send you a certificate of entitlement (V750) which permits you to put the plate on your vehicle. You’ll need to take the V750 and proof of identity to your nearest registered number plate supplier, who will make the plate fitted to your vehicle. 

Why You Should Buy Your Irish Number Plate from Absolute Reg

Largest Stock

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Certificate of Entitlement

As soon as you purchase a brand new personalised Northern Irish number plate, you will receive a V750 certificate of entitlement from the DVLA.

Selling Your Northern Irish Registration Plate

As a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations, no one is better at selling your personalised Irish number plate than Absolute Reg.

We advertise it across our socials and advertising platforms, national newspapers, and more! Ensuring your private number plate is sold to the right buyer.

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Northern Irish Number Plates as Gifts

Northern Irish number plates make for great gifts as they are relatively inexpensive and personable. Whether for a work colleague, a close friend, or for a wedding reception, registration plates can make for excellent gifts.

Apply for Finance for Your Irish Number Plate

See a Northern Irish number plate that is perfect for your vehicle, but is too expensive?

Absolute Reg allows you to buy your dream number plate, without paying everything upfront. Simply select the preferred option to finance your number plate at the checkout to take advantage of our finance packages.

You can opt to finance anywhere from 2 months to 48 months without paying a deposit. This is just one more way we go the extra mile to be as helpful as possible!

Northern Irish Number Plates FAQ

Are Northern Irish number plates legal in the UK?

Number plates from Northern Ireland, also known as Irish number plates, are number plates that are legal throughout the whole of the UK and can be registered to vehicles registered in England, Scotland, and Wales as well as Northern Ireland.

Can I transfer Northern Irish number plates to any car in the UK?

Yes, you can transfer a Northern Irish Number plate to any car registered in the UK with ease. Unlike traditional UK registration plates, a Northern Irish number plate can be registered to any vehicle, regardless of age.

How do you read Irish number plates?

Reading an Irish number plate is straightforward. The first character on a Northern Irish registration plate is just a letter and doesn’t carry any meaning. 

The second two characters will feature either an I or a Z accompanied by another letter which is used to denote the county in Northern Ireland that issued the plate. However, you won’t be able to tell the age of the vehicle by reading the registration plate.

Where can I find cheap Northern Irish number plates?

At Absolute Reg, we have a database of over 50 million number plates, that covers a range of styles, so you can find the right Irish number plate for you.

What do the letters on Northern Irish number plates mean?

The letters used on Northern Irish number plates differ slightly compared to number plates used in the rest of the UK. The plates have a two-letter combination that is used to indicate the region in which the vehicle was registered. 

For example, if the two-letter combination contains either an AZ to XI, the vehicle was registered in Belfast, while Antrim uses DZ, IA, KZ, and RZ.