Number Plates Under £100


Private Number Plates for under £100

You can buy cheap private number plates for under £100 with Absolute Reg. Choose from a wide selection of cheap private plates that match your style and your car.

Whether you are looking for your initials, a nickname, or just something unique, we have over 50 million car registrations in our database.

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What Number Plate Style is the Cheapest?

Among the least expensive number plates on the market are Northern Irish plates. In most cases, owners do not have to pay anything for them. Some buy them for as little as £100! Northern Irish registered vehicles automatically receive them from the DVLA.

Because there is an abundance of supply, your prices will remain low and affordable when you purchase your personalised registration!

Affordable Number Plate Styles

There are affordable plates available, some under £100 and some slightly more. All kinds of private number plates are available through Absolute Reg.

Current/New Style

Current style number plates, also known as new-style number plates. They were initially issued by the DVLA back in 2001. We have thousands of current or new style registrations for you to choose from that are cheap and affordable. 

The current style plates use 2 letters at the beginning of the registration, representing the area of the issuing plate. This is then followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.

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Suffix Style  

Suffix style registration plates were first issued in 1963 and ran till 1982. They use a letter at the end of the registration plate as an age identifier.

Letters were used at the end of the registration as an age identifier. For example, registrations that ended with an A represented 1963 and registrations ending in Y represented 1982.

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Prefix Style

Prefix DVLA number plates were first issued in August 1983 after seeing the suffix registration marks became expired from the issue. Prefix registrations are the most sought after private number plates on the market.

Like suffix registrations, the first character in a prefix number plate relates to the issue year. E.g., if A is the first letter of the registration, it represents 1983.

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Dateless Number Plates 

In 1904, the DVLA decided to fit a registration on every vehicle. We take pride in selling private registrations at an affordable price, and you can therefore find plenty of cheap dateless private plates for less than £400.

The first dateless private number plates were issued in 2 batches. Ordinary dateless number plates, and reversed dateless number plates. 

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NI Number Plates

Northern Ireland registration marks are an outstanding way to hide the age of your vehicle. Northern Ireland registration plates are the cheapest number plates you can buy for less than £100, as many owners pay practically nothing for them. There is a wide range of plates, to keep our prices low and affordable for you when you buy your private registration!

All Northern Irish registrations are dateless, too. Meaning they’re highly sought after and often soar in value as time goes on.

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Buy Cheap Number Plates for under £100 as a Gift 

With Absolute Reg's affordable range of registrations under £100, number plates make the perfect gift for family and friends. A number plate can also be purchased as a gift easily and quickly.

All we need is the name of the registration plate to be registered under. This would need to be the same as on the V5C (log book) of the vehicle as well.