2-Digit Number Plates


What are 2-Digit Number Plates?

2-digit number plates are a branch of dateless number plates issued by the DVLA. Ordinarily, dateless number plates have 1 to 4 numbers followed by 1 to 4 letters and vice versa.

This can sometimes result in them being referred to as 3 by 1 number plates.

Why are 2-Digit Number Plates Special?

2-digit number plates are special for many reasons.

1. Firstly, there is a general rule with dateless number plates. The shorter the combination of the private registration number, the higher the value of the plate. That makes 2-digit plates likely to be more valuable than 3-digit or 4-digit plates.
2. Secondly, 2-digit number plates are typically only released at auctions. However, many drivers throughout the UK sell their 2-digit number plates to Absolute Reg, meaning you can often find a 2-digit number plate listed through us.

2-Digit Dateless Number Plates

In 1904, the DVLA decided to fit a registration mark on every vehicle. At Absolute Reg, we pride ourselves on selling plenty of affordable private registrations.

The first dateless private number plates were issued in 2 batches. The ordinary dateless number plate, and then a reversed dateless number plate.

How Do I Buy 2-Digit Number Plates?

1. Search For A 2-Digit Private Number Plate

Use our search bar to search over 50 million DVLA number plates. Finding a 2-digit number plate that suits you has never been easier.

2. Check to see if it’s Suitable for Your Vehicle

After you have selected your 2-digit personalised number plate, you can check to see what private registrations are appropriate for your vehicle. The registration number cannot be older than the vehicle itself (other than Northern Irish registration numbers).

3. Click “View and Buy” and Checkout

Click the “View and Buy” button when you've found the perfect 2-digit number plate for you.

Other Number Plate Styles

As well as our 2–digit number plates, we also have DVLA number plates available in a variety of styles. You can explore a variety of styles and prices when trying to purchase a private plate. 
Decide the number plate style that best suits you and your car from the many options available to you.

Current/New Style

Current style number plates are also known as new-style number plates. They were first issued by the DVLA back in 2001. There are thousands of current or new style registrations for you to decide from that are affordable.

Current style number plates use 2 letters at the start, representing the area of the issuing plate. At the end of the plate, there are 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.

Suffix Style

Suffix-style registration plates were first introduced in 1963 and ran up to 1982. The letter at the end of this registration type is used as an age identifier.

For example, registrations that ended with an A represented 1963, and registrations ending in Y represented 1982.

Prefix Style

Prefix DVLA number plates were issued for the first time, after the expiration of the suffix registration marks in August 1983. Prefix registrations are most popular across the private number plate market.

Prefix registrations are very similar to suffix plates in that the first character indicates the year of the plates issue. For example, if A is the first letter of the registration, it represents the year 1983.

Northern Irish

Northern Ireland registration marks are a remarkable way to hide the age of your vehicle. These number plates are typically among the cheapest on the market, as such it is not uncommon to pay next to nothing for them.

All Northern Irish registrations are also dateless. Thanks to this, they are often highly sought after and usually soar in value as time goes on.

Why Should You Buy Your 2-Digit Plates from Absolute Reg?

Largest Stock

With over 50 million license plates, we have more than any other dealer – including the DVLA!

Price Promise

Our price promise ensures that you are getting the best deal on the best selection of private registration plates at Absolute Reg.

Lifetime Customer Service

It doesn't matter if it is two weeks after your purchase or two years down the line, our friendly after-sales team is always happy to help.

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Certificate of Entitlement

When you purchase a brand new DVLA number plate from us, you will receive a V778 or V750 certificate of entitlement from the DVLA.
When a new registration number is being used for the first time, you receive a V750 certificate.

2-Digit Number Plates as Gifts

Personalised plates are always a great gift idea, no matter which format they may be in.
With the vast options of the 2-digit plate, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect one for that special someone. Whether they’re for on the family car or a car on the highest end of luxury, the perfect 2-digit plate is bound to go down a storm. If you're looking to find out more, read our number plate gifting guide.

2-Digit Number Plates FAQ

Can the DVLA create a number plate?

The DVLA is responsible for the creation of all registrations in the UK, including 2-digit number plates. However, you can only use DVLA number plates on taxed UK vehicles.

Can I put a 2-digit number plate on straight away?

When you purchase any new number plate, you need to send an application, so your plate can be approved for use. Once the application has been approved, you are good to go.

Do you have to pay to put a 2-digit number plate on a car?

It's completely free to apply to change your number plate. You just need to complete the application form and send it away. Don't forget to apply to remove your old number plate through, or it will not be deemed valid, and you won't be able to replace your old plate.

Can I put my number plate on any car?

Since registration numbers are issued from the DVLA they must meet the format that has been set in place for all registration plates. As an example, a DVLA number plate cannot make the vehicle seem newer than it is.