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DVLA Number Plates and Registrations

The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA, is a government agency tasked with assigning car registrations.

In many ways the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) registrations, or DVLA number plates, are the gold standard of personal number plates, and the true mark of the driver. 

We at Absolute Reg are a recognised reseller of DVLA Registrations, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding stock of over 50 million registrations, accessible through our state of the art search functions. So, let us help you find the perfect private plate for you and your car.


Styles of DVLA Number Plates

DVLA Cherished Plates

The DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the official body in the UK that issues and keeps track of all vehicle registrations. All number plates are issued by the DVLA. 

In 1989, the DVLA began to auction off car registrations that were seen as potentially special or valuable. Some of these plates are the very closest possible likeness to names, and as such they can command high prices. These plates are the so-called cherished plates.


Dateless Number Plates

In 1904, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency decided to fit a registration mark on every vehicle.

The first batch they decided to sell were Dateless Registrations and were issued in 2 batches; the ordinary dateless number plate, and then a reversed dateless number plate. 

Nowadays both styles of registrations are greatly sought after due to their limited ability. 

Dateless plates can command a pretty hefty price tag because of their limited ability. But at Absolute Reg, we are proud to offer a number of dateless registrations from as little as £400.

Fun fact: The UK’s most expensive registration plate, F1, was first issued to Essex County Council. The registration is now owned by Kahn Designs, and is selling for a cool £12 million! 

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Suffix Registrations

The suffix style registration plates were first issued in 1963, and ran all the way till 1982, using a letter at the end of the registration plate as an age identifier.

Letters were used at the end of the registration as an age identifier. For example, registrations that ended with A represented 1963 and registrations ending in Y represented 1982.

Letters that resembled each other, such as O and Q, were not issued as registration marks.

Suffix registration numbers were issued before the launch of prefix DVLA number plates, and consist of 1, 2 or 3 letters followed by 1, 2 or 3 numbers finishing the registration mark with a letter identifying the year. This means the combinations are endless!

This flexibility in registration numbers has made these number plates a popular gift choice, as well as a great choice for personal use.

They’re also a great investment!

Over the years, the worth of a suffix DVLA number plate often increases dramatically, making them not only a great purchase, but also an item that is often found selling at a far higher price years later!

This high resale value and flexible number-letter combinations makes suffix registrations perennially in-demand.

Prefix Style Number Plates

Prefix number plates were first issued in August 1983 after seeing the Suffix registration marks expire from issue. Prefix registrations are most popular across the private number plate market.

Similar to suffix registrations, the first character in a prefix number plate relates to the issue year. For example, if A is the first letter of the DVLA personalised registration, it represents 1983.

The price of these registrations range from £89 through to £250,000 for sought-after collector’s items, and while a vehicle’s value may depreciate the second you drive it off the lot, the value of a number plate will only ever increase.

Creating personalised number plates is easy!

Creative combinations that resemble names, such as P3 TER or T4 MMY are often highly valued years later. 

Absolute Reg has over 30 million prefix style number plates on our online system.

Put together the winning combination of letters and numbers to make a great gift, business advertisement or even to take years off the overall look of your vehicle. 

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Current Style Number Plates

Current Style Number Plates, also known as New Style Number Plates, they were first issued by the DVLA back in 2001, once the DVLA had exhausted the prefix age identifier options.

The current style uses 2 letters at the beginning, representing the area of the issuing plate, followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.

These personalised registrations have become increasingly popular for customers to purchase as personalised number plates due to the easy formation to represent names and more. Every year the DVLA issues 2 styles of registration plates, but before doing so, a handful are removed from sale due to their rude or inappropriate nature, which can offend other members of the public. Banned registrations from the DVLA include, PEN 15, BO11 OXS, BU14 SHT and more. 

Although the current style registration marks follow strict guidelines before their release, some are very sought after and make great ‘his’ and ‘her’ gifts due to easily representing MR and MRS number plates. 

New Style Number Plates are very popular ‘His and Her’ gifts as MR and MRS are easily assembled in the registration combination. They also offer chances to display registrations with a funny and eye-catching resemblance such as YE55, BO55 and JU57. The choices you have with new style UK number plates are never ending.

These registrations are currently projected to carry on being issued until 2064.

As a result of being affiliated to the DVLA, we at Absolute Reg stock over 20 million current registrations on our online system at industry-best prices. To find the perfect one for you, head here.

Northern Ireland Number Plates

Northern Ireland registration marks are an outstanding way to hide the age of your vehicle, as well as display your initials, lucky numbers or even your name for as cheap as possible.

Every Northern Ireland car registration mark contains either the letter I or Z, along with a combination of other letters, as this helps the DVLA record where each Irish number plate was originally registered.

All Northern Irish registrations are dateless too, which means they’re highly sought after and often appreciate in value as time goes on.

So from having your initials on a dateless number plate to adding a little extra luck to your vehicle, no matter the age, a Northern Irish number plate is always a great purchase!


Absolute Reg Registration Search

As a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations, Absolute Reg can help you find exactly the right DVLA number plate. 

We stock over 50 million registrations in our collection for you to choose from, and offer a number of different ways to search. We make it easier than ever to hone in on the right personalised registrations.

You can search for prefix plates, or use Super search to find any style plate that might match your search term - this gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like with your personalised plate. Or, search through our vast selection of new style plates to find that modern variation to make your car stand out from the crowd.   

Prices for DVLA number plates start as low as £89, and the process to buy a number plate couldn’t be easier!

Just choose the number plate you want and let our team handle the rest - all we need is a name and an address. 

Use Absolute Reg’s search features to hunt down the perfect number plate for any car, with any name and any budget. And with our price promise, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible price.


Selling Your DVLA Personalised Registration

As a recognised reseller of DVLA registrations, there is no one better at selling your personalised number plate than Absolute Reg.

We’ll go above and beyond, advertising it across our socials and advertising platforms, national newspapers and more!

We go out of our way to actively find someone to buy your number plate and sell it at a great price. You have nothing to lose!


V750 Certificate of Entitlement

If you buy brand new DVLA personalised registrations, you will be issued by the DVLA a V778 or V750 certificate of entitlement. A V750 is used in order to issue a brand new registration number that is being used for the first time. The V750 will be used to have your new private number plate assigned/transferred to your vehicle.


Lifetime Customer Service

When you buy a personalised registration from Absolute Reg, you also receive a lifetime of customer service and support. No matter the issue, Absolute Reg will provide you with free customer service and support to deal with it and do our best to be as helpful as possible!


Apply for Finance

See a Cherished plate that is perfect for your vehicle, but comes with too high a price? Absolute Reg allows you to purchase your dream cherished number plate without paying everything upfront. At Checkout, you can select the option to Finance your number plate. You can opt to finance anywhere from 2 months to 48 months without paying a deposit! This is just one more way Absolute Reg goes out of our way to be as helpful as possible!