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New Style Number Plates

Current style registrations began being issued in September 2001, when the DVLA realised the strategy amongst prefix registrations had expired, and all prefix age identifiers had been filled.

The current style uses 2 letters at the beginning, representing the area of the issuing plate, followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date. Please see example below:

Current style registrations have become increasingly popular for customers to purchase as personalised number plates due to the easy formation to represent names and more. Every year the 2 DVLA issue 2 styles of registration plates, but before doing so, a handful are removed from sale due to their rude or inappropriate nature, which can offend other members of the public. Banned registrations from the DVLA include, PEN 15, BO11 OXS, BU14 SHT and more. Check out our banned registrations blog here.

Guidelines about DVLA personalised number plates

Although the current style registration marks follow strict guidelines before their release, some are very sought after and make great ‘his’ and ‘her’ gifts due to easily representing MR and MRS number plates. Furthermore, the current style registrations offer chances to display registrations with a funny and eye catching resemblance such as FA57, YE55, BO55 and JU57. The choices you have with new style UK number plates are never ending.

The current style registration system is projected to carry on issuing until September 2064, with the ability to carry on this strategy or for the DVLA to come up with a more sought after solution to make even more great cherished numbers plates.

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