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Reg Transfers 

How to complete your vehicle registration transfer with Absolute Reg

The process of transferring your vehicle registration plate is made simple with Absolute Reg’s how to guide.

Transferring your registration plate 

If you’ve just purchased your own personalised number plate and want to transfer it onto your car it can seem like a daunting process if you’ve not done it before. The good news is that it’s actually simple and most of the steps can be completed by Absolute Reg, within a matter of days. If you’ve got a new reg plate, you’ll need to complete the transfer in order to be able to drive legally or risk being fined. 

Buying a personalised reg plate 

Your first step is to purchase the registration number plate you want for your vehicle if you haven’t already. You can buy private and personalised number plates from Absolute Reg and we’ll guarantee to find one that suits you. 

How to complete a reg transfer 

Once you’ve obtained your chosen registration plate and the necessary documentation it’s time to start the transfer process. 

  • Assigning your reg plate

If you want to display your new registration mark on your vehicle you need to begin by applying to the DVLA. Absolute Reg do offer a fully managed transfer service to remove the hassle from the reg transfer process 

If your vehicle already has a personalised registration number, this will need to be taken off first or you could lose the rights to use it, this can be done at the same time as assigning your new private number plate. You should also note that you can’t put a registration number onto a ‘Q’ registered vehicle or make the vehicle look newer than it is.  

  • Transferring your registration number

If you already have a vehicle and simply want to transfer the current plate to a new vehicle, then this is possible through the DVLA for a cost of £80. Please note, Absolute Reg includes all DVLA transfer fees when purchasing a number through us, you will not have to pay any further fees when assigning your new private number plate. You don’t have to transfer it to another vehicle if you choose not to, instead you could keep hold of it if you want to use it at a later date. Again, in most cases it’s customers prefer for Absolute Reg to complete the process, you’ll just need your 11-digit document reference number from the latest V5C. 

  • Retaining your registration mark

Your documentation is only valid for ten years and if you want to retain your car registration you’ll need to renew it. In order to retain your registration for a further 10 years this simply costs £80 at the end of the original 10 year retention.  



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