Cheap Private Number Plates

Generally speaking, buying a new number plate can be an investment. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of cheap, budget-friendly number plate options available to you. 


Buy Cheap Personalised Number Plates

Absolute Reg offers a huge range of cheap number plates for you to buy. You can search through our massive stock of cheap private plates to find the perfect match for you and your car. Whether you are looking for your initials, a nickname, or just something unique, we have a plate for you in our stock of over 50 million car registrations.


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How Do I Buy a Cheap Number Plate?

1. Search For A Cheap Private Number Plate

Use our search bar to search over 50 million DVLA number plates. You can find a cheap number plate that is as unique as you, whether you need it for your business, to match your name, or for something a little more personal.


2. Check to see if it is Suitable for Your Vehicle

If you've found your perfect plate, you can find out what private registration is best for your car. A registration number that is younger than your vehicle cannot be attached to it (other than Northern Irish registration numbers).


3. Click “View and Buy” and Checkout

As soon as you’ve found the plate that's perfect for you, click the “View and Buy” button and checkout.


Cheap Private Number Plates Styles

At Absolute Reg, we supply every type of DVLA number plate you could think of. This means you have a variety of styles and prices to choose from when trying to buy a cheap private plate. See for yourself which number plate style you can get your hands on which best suits you and your car.


Current/New Style

The DVLA issued the current style number plates in 2001. These are also known as new-style number plates. There are thousands of current or new style registrations for you to decide from that are cheap. 

The current style uses 2 letters at the beginning, representing the area of the issuing plate. This is followed by 2 numbers (either a 0 or a 5) and the year date.


Suffix Style

Suffix-style registration plates were first issued in 1963 and ran till 1982. They contain a letter at the end of the registration plate as an age identifier for the vehicle.

As part of the registration, letters were used to identify age. For example, registrations that ended with an A represented 1963, and registrations ending in Y represented 1982.


Prefix Style

Prefix number plates were first issued in August 1983 after seeing the suffix registration marks expire from the issue. Prefix registrations are most popular in the private number plate market.

Much like suffix registrations, the starting character in a prefix number plate relates to the issue year. For example, if A is the first letter of the registration, it represents 1983.


Dateless Style

In 1904, the DVLA decided to fit a registration mark on every vehicle, so they have been around for a while. At Absolute Reg, we pride ourselves in selling private registrations of all levels of affordability, and you can therefore find many dateless private plates for less than £400.

The first dateless private number plates were issued in 2 batches. The ordinary dateless number plate, and then a reversed dateless number plate.


Northern Irish

Northern Ireland registration marks are an outstanding way to hide the age of your vehicle. These are usually among the cheapest number plates you can buy for under £200, as many owners pay nothing for them in the first place. There is an abundance of plates, keeping prices low and affordable for you when you buy your personalised registration!

All Northern Irish registrations are also dateless. Therefore, they’re highly sought after and often soar in value as time goes on.


Why You Should Buy Cheap Number Plates from Absolute Reg

Largest Stock

With over 50 million licence plates, we supply more number plates than any other dealer – that includes the DVLA!


Price Promise

Our price promise means that you are getting the best deal on the top selection of personalised registration plates at Absolute Reg.


Lifetime Customer Service

It doesn't matter if it's two weeks after your purchase or two years later, our after-sales team is always happy to help you.


Rated Highest On-Time Delivery in 2020 has awarded Absolute Reg the highest rating for on-time delivery in 2020.


Certificate of Entitlement

As soon as you purchase a brand-new cheap number plate, you will receive a V778 or V750 certificate of entitlement from the DVLA.

When a new registration number is being used for the first time, it’s usually a V750 certificate.


Registration Transfer Process for Cheap Number Plates

The registration transfer process could not be easier. Once you find the cheap number plate you want, order it online and let Absolute Reg handle the rest!

All we need is your name and address. No hidden fees, no extra costs, and no paperwork – simply choose your plate and someone from our team will contact you to take you through the registration transfer process.


Buying a Plate as a Gift

Private registrations make for a great gift and, with plates for less than £50, they can be inexpensive too. Perhaps you’ve got an inside joke with a friend, or want to surprise your petrol head partner with something special. Whoever you’re buying for, learn how to wrap a number plate in our gift guide


Buying a Cheap Number Plate on Finance

At Absolute Reg, you can buy any number plate on finance, no matter the price. We’ve partnered with Payment Assistant, so you can spread the cost of your plate instead of paying up front. Read more about number plate finance to get started.


Cheap Number Plates FAQ

Can I put my number plate on straight away?

Before putting your private number plate on, you need to get it approved. When you purchase any new number plate, you need to send an application, so your plate is officially approved for use. Once the application has been accepted, you are good to go.


Do you have to pay to put cheap number plates on a car?

It's completely free to apply to change your number plate. You just need to complete the application form and send it away. 

Don't forget to apply to remove your old number plate through, or it will be deemed invalid.


Can I put my number plate on any car?

Since registration numbers are issued from the DVLA they must meet the correct format they set for all registration plates. For example, a number plate cannot make the vehicle seem newer than it is.


Can I buy private number plates for less than £200?

Yes, you can! We provide a whole range of cheap number plates for under £200. You can discover millions of plates for reasonable prices that won't bust the bank.

You can also find our selection of private plates for under £50 and £100 to find the plate that best suits you and your vehicle.

To read up on more number plate related topics, visit our news section now


Find the Cheap Plate of Your Dreams Today

With Absolute Reg, finding the right number plate for you is easy. Whether it be that you want to change up the look of your own vehicle, or you want to give a meaningful gift to a loved one, Absolute Reg has a wide range of plates to offer. 

Get started today with our number plate search tool.


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