Cherished Number Plates

Cherished number plates, sometimes also called dateless number plates, are a style of number plate that give you a lot of freedom with your plate’s layout. Due to their dateless nature, cherished number plates don’t include an age identifier in their layout.


Thanks to being dateless, cherished number plates can give your vehicle a renewed, timeless look. Browse Absolute Reg’s range today to find the perfect plate to add to your vehicle.


What are Cherished Number plates?

A cherished number plate is simply a private number plate – these terms are synonymous. Cherished number plates allow vehicle owners to personalise their vehicle with a unique registration number. Perhaps you want your number plate to reflect your name, hobby or favourite football team. Whatever your preference, you can choose from millions of plates that are issued by the DVLA.


How to Transfer Cherished Number Plates

1. Obtain a V750 or V778 document. If you don’t have one, you can do this by applying for a replacement via the DVLA.

2. Assign the number plate to the vehicle. Fill out the details of the aforementioned forms so you can assign the plate to your vehicle. Learn more in our guide to V778 forms.

3. Notify the DVLA. Submit your documents and pay the relevant fees, either online or via post.

4. Receive the updated documents. Once your application has been approved, the DVLA will issue a V5C document with the updated registration number for your vehicle.

5. Display the plate. Now everything has been completed, you need to attach the new number plate to your car or motorcycle. You can learn how to do this in our guide to transferring your number plate.


How to Buy Cherished Number Plates

1. Search for a number plate

Use our number plate search function to find the perfect plate for your vehicle. You can choose from over 50 million options at all price ranges.


2. Check the plate is suitable for your vehicle

You can’t attach a registration number that’s younger than your vehicle, so make sure to check this before you buy.


3. Click “View and Buy” then Checkout

As soon as you’ve found your dream plate, click the “View and Buy” button to start the checkout process.


Why You Should Buy Your Number Plate from Absolute Reg

Largest Stock

Including the DVLA, we have the most licence plates of any dealer – over 50 million!


Price Promise

Absolute Reg gets you the best deal on private registration plates. Read our price promise to learn more.


Lifetime Customer Service

Whether it's two weeks or two years after your purchase, our friendly after-sales team is always ready to help.


Rated Highest On-Time Delivery in 2020

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Number Plate Styles

There are five different styles of cherished number plate to choose from, including:


Current/New Style

The current/new style of number plate was first issued in 2001. With these plates, there are two letters at the beginning denoting the area, and two digits at the end denoting the year of issue.


Suffix Style

Suffix style number plates were issued between 1963 and 1982. Here, it’s the letter at the end of the plate that’s the age identifier. For example, A refers to 1963 and so on.


Prefix Style

After suffix plates came prefix style number plates. They were first issued in 1983 and are the most popular kind of plate on the market.


Dateless Style

Dateless style number plates offer you the most flexibility. That’s because there are fewer restrictions when it comes to the order of letters and digits. As a result, you can be more creative with your combinations.


How to Sell Your Cherished Number Plate

To sell your cherished number plate, you can do this privately, or you can use a number plate provider. If you want to sell your plate with Absolute Reg, all you need to do is:


- Submit your registration plate details to us

- Check your valuation on your Client Dashboard

- Select an advertising package


Then, we’ll take care of the rest! We can advertise your plate on the best channels to find you a buyer in no time. Learn more about how to sell your number plate with us. If you want to know if it's worth selling your number plate, read our article, how much is my number plate worth?


Cherished Number Plate FAQs

Are cherished number plates a good investment?

Yes, cherished number plates can be a great investment. That’s because they often increase in value over time. If you have a good understanding of the market, and which plates may be worthwhile to invest in, purchasing a number plate can make you a profit in the long run. Learn more in our guide to investing in number plates.


How much does it cost to transfer a cherished number plates?

It costs £80 to transfer a cherished number plate to another vehicle via the DVLA. Usually, the buyer of the plate pays this fee, rather than the seller. You can apply to transfer your plate either online or via post.


How long does it take to transfer a cherished number plate?

Typically, it takes 4–6 weeks to transfer a cherished number plate. However, in some cases, this may take longer in periods with high demand. There is no guarantee for how long it will take for the DVLA to process and accept your application. If you want to learn more, read our guide on transferring private plates.


Get Your Cherished Number Plate with Absolute Reg

A cherished number plate is a nice final touch to the look of any vehicle. Whether that be a plate with a nickname, or a meaningful word on it. 

Shopping for someone else? Private cherished number plates also make great, personalised presents for both friends and family.

Use our number plate search tool to begin searching for the perfect number plate for your vehicle. 


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