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FAQs about personalised DVLA license plates

Do you have questions about buying or selling number plates with Absolute Reg? We know the process can seem confusing, which is why we're here to help. Read on to find the answers to some common queries, as answered by our team of trusted, experienced experts.

How long does the number plate transfer process take?


Absolute Reg will start the new ownership transfer immediately once the payment has been made. Once the DVLA has been informed of the new ownership details, documents usually arrive within 7 working days. If the customer chooses for Absolute Reg to handle the legalities of the transfer, this process will begin as soon as the requested documents have been received. Once the legal transfer has been initiated, this process usually takes 7 working days until you can fix your private registration to your vehicle.

What happens if I want to keep my private registration mark on retention?


This is no problem whatsoever; all registrations can be supplied on a retention certificate with a retention period of 10 years, this is no extra cost. All registration marks which are chosen to be supplied on retention are usually received with 7 working days.

Can I assign any private number plate to my vehicle?


You can assign any private registration mark to your vehicle as long as the private registration mark does not make the vehicle look newer than the manufactured year. Please note you are unable to assign private registration marks to Q plate registered vehicles as this marks the vehicle age as unknown. If you are still unsure on which registration plates can be assigned to your vehicle please check our vehicle registration compatibility checker here.

Can I assign a private number plate to my vehicle which is registered in Northern Ireland?


All registration marks on Absolute Reg can be assigned to mainland GB and Northern Irish vehicles, there is no further fees to assign to Northern Irish vehicles 

The price shown, is this everything included?


The price shown is the price you pay; there are no hidden charges or fees. The price shown includes everything ready to assign your registration mark.

What documents are required to complete the transfer process?


If you choose for Absolute Reg to handle the legal process of your registration plate we will require the following:

  • V5C (Log Book)
  • Please note your vehicle does require to have a valid MOT and required to be taxed at the point of assignment

You will recieve an email within 24 hours once you order has been placed in regards to the documentation above.

Will I receive a new log book?


Yes, the DVLA will issue new relevant documents containing your new private registration mark. In regards to both the MOT and Tax, this will be updated on the electronic online system.

My vehicle already has a private number plate assigned, will this cause a problem and can I keep it?


This is no problem whatsoever. Absolute Reg can handle the process for you to transfer you current registration and put this onto retention at the same time as assigning your new registration mark. If you would like to handle the legal process yourself you will require to fill out an additional form, this can be found here, named V317 – Transferring a registration number.

What happens to my private number plate if I sell my vehicle?


If you are selling your vehicle which has your private registration mark assigned that’s no problem at all. Absolute Reg can handle the whole legal process for you for a small admin fee or alternatively you can carry out the legal process prior to selling your vehicle. A V317 – Transferring a registration number form will require to be completed along with other covering letters.

I am looking to buy a private number plate as a gift, what information do you require?


The only information required for us would be the registered name (Nominee name). If the registration mark is being assigned to a vehicle the registered name is required to be identical to what is registered on the V5C document.

I cannot find the registration mark I am looking for?


In the unlikely event of not being able to find the registration mark you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact a friendly member of the sales team who will be more than happy to help you. The sales team can be contacted either by email at sales@absolutereg.co.uk or telephone 0207 205 2347. (Calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes).

Can I space my acrylic number plates different?


No, Absolute Reg will only supply acrylic number plates in accordance to the law set by the DVLA. 


I am travelling in a foreign European country, what acrylic registration marks do I require?


It is legally required for any GB vehicle travelling in a foreign EU country to hold a GB flag on the registration mark. Other legalities remain the same as when assigning a registration plate in GB.

I am looking to sell my private number plate, would you be interested?


Absolute Reg is always looking to purchase fresh, new stock. Absolute Reg may offer an outright purchase or a commission basis sale. Please click here to request a valuation for your private number plate.


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