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We do not have a vehicle yet for our private number plate. Can we still purchase one from you?

Yes of course. All our registrations can be supplied on a retention certificate which are usually valid for a period of 10 years.

This means you have until the certificate expiry date (Usually 10 years from when you make your purchase) to register your personalised number plate to your vehicle.

How long does the transfer process take?

Absolute Reg are able to supply private number plates in as little as 7 working days.

Once the documents are received by the customer these can be used to easily transfer the registration themselves with the DVLA, full instructions on the reg transfer process will be included with the registration documents issued by Absolute Reg.

There are no further costs required in order to complete the transfer to your vehicle.

Why are some registrations subject to VAT, but not all?

Absolute Reg sell registration marks from various sources

VAT is payable on number plate purchases for the following:

  • The registration mark is owned by Absolute Reg
  • The registration mark is being sold on a commission basis for a third party who is VAT registered.

VAT is NOT payable on number pate purchases where:

  • The registration mark is being sold on a commission basis for a third party who is NOT VAT registered.

What restrictions apply when purchasing a registration mark?

You cannot transfer a private number plate to a ‘Q’ registered vehicle. This is where the registration provided by the DVLA starts with a ‘Q’. The DVLA issue such registrations as they are unable to determine the age of the vehicle.

You cannot transfer a private number plate that is exempt from the MOT system or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) testing process, such as agricultural vehicles – Tractors etc.

You cannot make your vehicle appear newer than the original manufacture date.

Read up on the rules surrounding DVLA number plates on our website.

Can I transfer a private number plate to my motorcycle or moped?

Yes, the DVLA allow transfers to all motorcycle or mopeds.
Find out more about how to transfer private reg from one car to another on our website.

What happens to my private number plate when I sell my vehicle?

When you change your vehicle, we are sure you would like to take your private number plate to your new vehicle.

You can easily retain your private number plate to use or your new vehicle by simply contacting the DVLA.

When you retain your private number plate this will be issued on a certificate which is valid for 10 years. This means if you do not have a vehicle for your private number plate to be assigned to immediately it is held on the certificate.

Alternatively you can sell your car registration plate.

What happens to the current registration on my vehicle at the moment?

If this is the original issued number plate then the DVLA will retain the number plate which would be assigned back to the vehicle when your transfer your private number plate off.

If you currently have a private number plate on the vehicle and wish to keep the private registration you would need to retain this or transfer this to another vehicle, to do so you simply need to complete a V317 form which is available to download here and send this with the required DVLA transfer fee of £80 to the DVLA.

What happens to the tax and MOT on my vehicle?

The tax and MOT on the vehicle would be transferred to your new private registration details on the transfer process.

Do I need to inform my insurance provider of the registration change?

Yes, you would need to inform your insurance of the change in registration in order to ensure the accuracy of the insurance database. The change of registration would not affect the premium of the policy.

You should update the insurance policy once the new private number plate is secured to the vehicle.

Can I assign a personalised number to a leased vehicle or a Motability vehicle?

Yes. Absolute Reg supply private registration marks to customers who own leased or Motability vehicles. Absolute Reg would supply all documents in order for the reg transfer of the number plate to be assigned to the vehicle.

Can I use a Northern Ireland (NI) private number plate on a UK registered vehicle?

Yes, all Northern Irish number plates can be assigned to UK registered vehicles. All NI registrations are dateless therefore can be assigned to any vehicle regardless of age.

Can I use a UK private number plate on a Northern Irish registered vehicle?

Yes. The DVLA allow you to transfer a UK registration mark to a NI vehicle. The transfer process is exactly the same as when you would transfer for a mainland registration mark.

There are NO extra costs incurred.

Can I purchase a personalised number plate as a gift for someone else?

Yes, of course. Absolute Reg have found private number plates becoming a more and more popular gift for all occasions. When processing through the checkout page you would be requested to enter a ‘Nominee Name’ – This is where you would simply enter the name of the persons who the number is to be registered for, that simple!

We would dispatch the order to the billing details provided, therefore the person to receive the private number plate would not aware of the purchase.

Find out more about how to gift a personalised number plate on our gift registrations page.

Can I pay the DVLA transfer fee at a later date?

No, the DVLA transfer fee is payable at the point of purchase. If you do not transfer the number plate immediately this fee is already paid for when you are ready to complete the transfer process.

I do not know the current registration on the vehicle. Can I still purchase a number plate?

Yes, the only information required to complete a purchase with Absolute Reg is the name of the person / company you require the private registration mark is to be issued too.

Do you supply acrylic number plates also?

Yes, Absolute Reg can supply acrylic number plates for your new registration mark. These are available to select during the checkout process.