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Buying a personalised number plate as a present?

”I am looking to buy a custom reg plate as present - what information do you need?”

At Absolute Reg, this is a question that we are often asked. Buying a private number plate as a gift makes a thoughtful gesture, and at Absolute Reg, we know a thing or two about a love of registration plates! We carry various cherished number plates that make the perfect present for a newly-licensed driver or newly-married couple, or to mark a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

We stock a wide selection of customisable license plates

Private number plates are unique, and some can draw a lot of attention. Custom number plates are usually kept for life, and only increase in value as time goes on. When purchasing a number plate as a gift, we don’t need much to process your order. In fact, the only information we would require is the name you wish for the registration plate to be registered in, and this is required to be the same as on the V5C (Log Book) of the vehicle. If you opt for our assisted transfer process, you can simply get the new owner to contact us upon receiving the gift, and we’ll take care of the rest. Just inform a team member at the time of purchase, and we’ll make a note on your account. If you do opt for our assisted transfer, the new reg plate owner simple needs to screw on the new registration plates, and we’ll look after the rest!

Simply use the search bar or browse our selection, and find the personalised UK number plate to make the perfect gift today.


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