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4 Digit Number Plates


What are 4-Digit Number Plates?

4 Digit Number Plates are a branch of Dateless Number Plates issued by the DVLA. 

Ordinarily, Dateless Number Plates have 1 to 4 numbers followed by 1 to 4 letters and vice versa.

4 Digit Number Plates have either 3 letters followed by 1 number or 4 numbers followed by 1 letter. This sometimes also results in them being referred to as 3 by 1 number plates.

Why are 4 Digit Number Plates Special?

4 Digit Number Plates are special for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to cherished number plates (also known as dateless number plates), that the shorter the combination of the private registration number, the more valuable it is.

Though 4-digit number plates aren’t the shortest combination you can get - that would be 2 digit combinations with 1 letter and 1 number - they are among the shortest combinations available on the market and this makes them both special and incredibly cherished.

Secondly, 4-digit number plates are usually only released at auctions. However, many drivers throughout the UK sell their 4-Digit number plates to Absolute Reg, meaning you can often find a 4-Digit number plate listed through us.

Thirdly, 4 digit number plates are visually compact, and this helps them to really stand out.

Furthermore, because 4 digit number plates are dateless, this means that they don’t have an age identifier, and can therefore be attached to absolutely any motor vehicle.

Lastly, 4 digit number plates often resemble very common names such as Nate (NAT3), Johnny (JON1), Bonny (BON1) and Kate (KAT3). As personalised registration numbers can never be repeated, these similarities are only found on 4-Digit number plates and this makes them special.

4-Digit Number Plates as Gifts

Personalised Number Plates always make incredible gifts no matter the length of the combination or the style.

However, 4-digit number plates are particularly special, and this makes for an additionally unique gift.

They can also be attached to any motor vehicle whatsoever as they are dateless and without an age identifier. This means that no matter what car your loved one drives, they can always attach your gift to their car, and will continue to do so long after they get a new vehicle too.

Lastly, if you’re lucky, you may also find a 4-Digit number plate that literally spells out the name of the person you’re giving the gift to.

Price Promise

If you happen to find a 4-digit number plate elsewhere that is cheaper than we have listed it, then let us know! At Absolute Reg, we will not be beaten on price - our price promise guarantees that you will get the best deal on the best selection of private registration plates. In fact, prices for our number plate prices start as low as £89! Found a cheaper number plate elsewhere? Absolute Reg will be sure to match it or even beat it by £5 wherever possible.

Get Finance Online

Certain 4-Digit number plates can be particularly expensive as they are highly sought after and cherished due to their unique combination.

Found a 4-digit number plate you are in love with, but falls outside of your budget? Simply get it on finance!

At Checkout, you can select the option to Finance your number plate anywhere between 2 and 48 months. At Absolute Reg, we want to provide you with every opportunity to afford a great registration plate, so we also offer you the option of not paying any deposit at all.

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