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The Expensive Cars Driven by Formula 1 Drivers

Published on 08/05/2019

Expensive cars combine magnificent aesthetics with the best in automotive technology. Take, for example, the pricey cars we featured in a previous postthat are due out this year. The £358,000 Ferrari 488 Pista looks gorgeous and has the latest racing-developed technology. The Lamborghini Urus combines tech from high-end cars such as the Audi Q7, Bentley Bentayga, and Porsche Cayenne. Then there’s the £2.77 million Mercedes-AMG Project One, elegant-looking yet extremely powerful thanks to Formula 1 hybrid technology.  In order to be able to afford one of those cars you would need a large salary. Which is why if you’re a F1…

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What to do if your car gets stuck in snow

Published on 14/02/2019

By this stage last year, the United Kingdom had already experienced the first of three major snowfalls that would massively disrupt working and home life by making driving conditions extremely dangerous, and while this winter has yet to reach the same levels of treachery, we never know what’s just around the corner. None of us want to get caught off-guard by the unpredictable British weather, especially while driving.   So, here are a few simple tips for what to do if your car gets stuck in snow this winter.  1. Take pre-emptive action   You can help reduce your chances of getting lodged in…

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Most expensive cars coming in 2019

Published on 09/01/2019

Are you a connoisseur of fine automobiles? Perhaps you enjoy perusing car magazines and blogs to find the latest models, just to gaze at them enviously, wishing you’d won the lottery or inherited the family jewels. Or maybe you’re the lucky motorist who actually CAN afford a super-expensive vehicle, and you’re just looking for your next toy. Whether you can afford to splash the cash or just simply appreciate the beauty of a luxury car, you’ll be glad to know there are several extremely high-end cars on the way in 2019, from the likes of Mercedes, Aston Martin and Ferrari,…

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10 things to check when buying a used car

Published on 04/01/2019

10 things to check when buying a used car Before shaking hands on a used vehicle, it’s important to be 100 per cent sure you’re getting exactly what you’re about to pay for. There’s nothing worse than getting home after agreeing the deal and realising that your new motor has a few more skeletons in its closet than the previous owner let on. So, here are 10 things to look out for when buying a used car. First things first… Check that the advert description matches the car you’re looking at. If you see something right of the bat that…

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New 2019 Driving Laws You Need To Be Aware Of

Published on 02/01/2019

UK driving law changes A number of new driving laws have been introduced in the United Kingdom throughout the course of 2018 that alter many of the rules and regulations that drivers have become accustomed to, while also bringing some new fines into the motoring picture. Some of the new regulations include new car tax rates as well as alterations to the traditional driving test, and some of the changes can result in drivers being fined or warned of their future conduct. Here are just a few of the new driving rules and regulation changes that could affect you as…

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How to store a car over winter

Published on 20/12/2018

Is your car your pride and joy? Do you do your utmost to protect her from damage and deterioration? If so, you may choose to store your car over winter to avoid the harmful effects of bad weather and dropping temperatures. Whether your vehicle is “garaged” or simply covered up in the driveway, you’ll have some peace of mind until spring returns again. Here are a few simple tips for how to best store your car during the cold winter months. 1. Clean and dry thoroughly The first step to a safely-stored car is to clean it thoroughly before packing…

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Defrosting your windscreen

Published on 13/12/2018

How do you defrost your car windscreen? Did you know there’s a right way? Drivers across the UK are being warned that they could receive a £60 fine for defrosting their windscreen incorrectly before making even a short journey this winter. Removing frost, snow or ice from your windows, headlights and mirrors can leave you out of pocket if you don’t do it in a way that satisfies authorities. If you attempt to make a journey with only a small portion of your windscreen cleared – known as “portholing” – you could be pulled over by the police, who will…

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Driving Test Changes In The UK

Published on 30/11/2018

For the second time in 2018, the UK driving test is undergoing change. As part of the alterations being rolled out for new drivers, additional material is being included in the theory test aspect of the driving exam, with the aim of increasing safety for everyone on the roads. Twenty-three new driving scenarios with improved realism have been added to the test, which now means that prospective drivers must negotiate a series of difficult weather conditions (including fog, rain, sleet and snow) if they are to pass. The new clips employ computer-generated imagery to make the theory test more realistic…

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Millionaire car owner caught with no licence plates

Published on 21/11/2018

The millionaire owner of a rugby league club was pulled over by police when he failed to display a registration plate on the front of his car. Derek Beaumont, owner of Leigh Centurions, was caught red-handed by police when driving down the M60 with no licence plate on his orange Aventador V12. A police patrolman noticed that the 47-year-old tycoon had no number plate on the front of his £300,000 Lamborghini supercar and attempted to issue him with a £60 fixed penalty notice. However, Mr Beaumont, who had the plate in his boot, simply drove off. Unsurprisingly, he was later…

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How are emissions tests and Brexit affecting the UK car industry?

Published on 15/11/2018

The UK vehicle market appears to be achieving some equilibrium after a roller coaster few months. UK car registrations dropped by a relatively-low 2.9% in October 2018, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, with 135,599 units sold last month. However, this follows a massive slump of 20% in September, when WLTP emissions regulatory changes saw sales fall drastically as many manufacturers were unable to fully test all of their models under the new rules. Prior to that, sales skyrocketed in August by 23.1% as car makers did their best to move on as much stock as possible…

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