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Electric Dreams

Published on 14/02/2018

It seems more and more clear that electric driving is the future. Maybe it's down to a more environmentally conscious society, perhaps we can chalk it up to the chance to save a few pennies when it comes to fuelling up a vehicle, or maybe it’s just because manufacturers will not have a say in the matter thanks to government intervention. Thankfully, advances are being made each and every day in the realm of battery-powered motoring – and giants such as BMW are leading the charge (no pun intended). The Teutonic titans have invested €200m (that's around £178m to the…

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Space Oddity - Elon Musk SpaceX Tesla Mission

Published on 09/02/2018

In his capacity as founder of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk is no stranger to eye-catching developments in the world of motoring – and as the CEO of SpaceX, Musk is also clearly fascinated by all things pertaining to the stars. After all, he has even stated an ambition to forge a civilisation on Mars. When we consider these states of affairs, it's probably not surprising that Tesla has launched a Roadster into outer space to orbit the sun and make a trip to the aforementioned Red Planet (maybe Musk is keen to establish his own vehicles as the taxi fleet…

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The World’s Fastest Street Legal Cars

Published on 03/02/2018

Do you feel the need for speed? Then a street legal supercar is surely the only choice. Sure, they're not entirely practical if you have children (good luck convincing your wife that strapping a baby seat to the bumper is safe), they won't be much use if you live in a 30mph zone and you're going to feel a bit silly if you end up trapped in traffic between a Mondeo and bus on your way to the supermarket, but just imagine the sensation of slipping behind the wheel of one of these mean machines. There's nothing wrong with indulging…

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The UK’s Most Popular Cars of 2017

Published on 26/01/2018

2017 has been and gone, and as a result the sales figures for the automobile industry are in the books – which will be a relief for many manufacturers, as it was far from a vintage year. If you're in the market for a new motor, it's always a tough choice as to whether follow the herd – safe in the knowledge that you are backing a winner, on the basis that cream of any industry will rise to the top – or plough your own furrow and find something that help you stand out from the pack.  Of course,…

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The Most Reliable Cars in the UK

Published on 24/01/2018

The Most Reliable Cars in the UK When anybody is looking for a new car, reliability is always a priority. Sure, there are a multitude of factors that need to be taken into consideration – including exterior aesthetics, interior comfort and all the bells and whistles that may be included (everybody loves a gimmick, such as BMW's hologram technology that will can help drivers feel as though they are in control of the starship Enterprise). No matter what vehicle you choose, however, there's little point in picking a model that will break down or suffer a multitude of faults. Even…

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Tesla Motors, The Visionary Dream of Elon Musk [Futures & Risks]

Published on 05/01/2018

I have to be honest with you: when I think of a Tesla car my mind expands and my senses get heightened. Actually, it’s enough to read something about the company and I feel my interest growing! If you feel the same and you want to know more about the most interesting company of the hour, stick with us. In the rows below we’ll have a heart-to-heart about Tesla Motors and the cars it produces.   First, I think it’s important to know that Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 by Elon Musk and a few other car enthusiasts who…

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Most Expensive Private Number Plates Ever

Published on 04/12/2017

Most Expensive Private Number Plates Ever The personalised number plate trend was very well-received by the public and, in return it generated an affluence of income for the treasury. The DVLA took the decision to allow UK drivers to use personalised plates on their cars 25+ years ago and this brought to the public budget over £2 billion. Of course, not all plates sell as expected, but there are some that managed to break the records and remained in history as the most expensive plates ever.  The trend is quite unexpected since people are actually paying big money to have…

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The UK's Rarest Cars

Published on 30/11/2017

The UK's Rarest Cars If you browse throughout the history of the world, you’ll find some gorgeous car designs! These are usually defined by beautiful curves, wonderful proportions, and just plain-perfect combination between bold and classic. Still, if you look closer, you’ll see that most legendary models were built in the European area, and the UK has serious reasons to gloat. We have some wonderfully rare cars that bear the pride of our engineers’ genius, but our collectors didn’t stop at just British cars. So, if there were to do an inventory, there are some amazing cars on our island…

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How to Select the Perfect Number Plate

Published on 27/11/2017

How to Select the Perfect Number Plate Ever since the UK government introduced the option of a personalised number plate, more and more people are looking for the perfect combination for their car. And, while it may seem that all you have to do is browse through the available options and choose one that’s interesting enough, it’s not that easy. One of the first reasons why people choose this type of plates is to stand out from the crowd. And you can’t do that unless you find a combination that suits you or your business (it is a great marketing…

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Dubai's Opulent Wealth - Supercars and the £100m Private Plate Market

Published on 22/09/2017

"Dubai - Opulent Supercars and the £100m Private Plate Market”  Using a number of sources, we take a detailed inspection at one of the most extravagantly wealthy places on Earth. There is certainly no secret that the UAE lives a lavish lifestyle and much like the stunning buildings, which grace their landscape, the sky’s the limit for what they are willing to pay for their cherished possessions. We have all heard about the supercar haven that exists in the Middle East, but what about the coveted numbers the high rollers adorn on these cars for the ultimate unique personal touch? As…

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