How Long Does it Take to Change a Private Number Plate Back to The Original?

How Long Does it Take to Change a Private Number Plate Back to The Original?

Generally, changing a private number plate back to its original plate is a straightforward and easy process. Whether you’re looking to revert your plate after selling a vehicle, or simply just want to switch back to your car’s original registration, it’s important to fully understand the process and time frame. 

In this article, you’ll learn what steps are involved in changing your number plate, and how long the process typically takes.

How to Change a Private Plate Back to The Original Plate

First, it’s important to understand the steps involved in changing your number plate.

Step 1: Put Your Number Plate on Retention

In order to change your number plate, the first step you have to take is placing your number plate on retention. This process frees up the private registration, allowing you to use it on a different vehicle or save it for future use. This can be done through the DVLA’s Personalised Vehicle Registration Service. For a full break down of this process, read our blog on how to put a number plate on retention.

Step 2: Re-Assign The Original Registration to Your Vehicle

Once you’ve put your private plate on retention, the DVLA will automatically reassign the vehicle’s original registration. You should receive a new V5C Logbook for the original registration within two weeks.

Step 3: Acquire and Attach The New Plates

Now that you’ve reassigned the original registration to your vehicle, you now need to acquire the plate and attach them to your vehicle. In the case of reverting to your original registration, this should be very straightforward. When completing this step, it is important that you keep in mind the laws surrounding number plate styles and fittings.

How Long Does it Take For The Private Plate to Change Back to The Original Plate?

Ultimately, the length of time it takes for your vehicle's number plate to be changed back to the original depends on the method you chose for the original application. If you applied for the change in number plate online, this process should only take a couple of minutes. However, if you applied through post, then the application could take between 4–6 weeks to fully be approved.

What Happens to My Road Tax When I Change My Number Plate?

When changing your number plates, you will receive a new V5C Logbook for your new plate. Upon receiving your new logbook, you will be able to legally display your new plate.

Before doing this, remember to inform your insurance company of any changes to your policy. Once this is done, your road tax and MOT record will be automatically updated.

Can I Sell My Private Plate Back To The DVLA?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell your private plate back to the DVLA as all of their stock are brand-new plates. However, through Absolute Reg, you can easily sell your plate with no extra fees or contracts.

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