How to Check if a Number Plate is on Retention

How to Check if a Number Plate is on Retention

Retaining your number plate is a great way to keep your plate without displaying it on your vehicle. 

This guide will provide essential information on number plate retention, including checking plate validity and retaining your favourite plate.

How Do I Know if a Number Plate is on Retention?

By searching for your desired plate with a retailer, such as the DVLA or Absolute Reg, you can easily see which plates are taken. Plates not currently on retention will appear in your search, ready for you to purchase. 

What Do I Do if I Lost My Retention Certificate?

A V750 certificate of entitlement or a V778 retention document is valid for 10 years from the original date. If you lose or damage your documents before their expiry, you can get them easily replaced through the DVLA with no cost. 

How Much Does it Cost to Renew a Retention Certificate?

Renewing or replacing your retention certificate can be done easily through the DVLA. If you’re not using a private number plate, you will get a reminder email or letter close to your expiry date. You can renew your documents for up to 10 years with no cost.

How Do I Take My Plate Off Of Retention?

The process of taking a number plate off of retention can be achieved through the DVLA online application process. To complete this application, you will need your V5C registration document (logbook). If the car is more than three years old, you’ll need a valid MOT certificate.

If you no longer have your V5C, a replacement can be obtained from the DVLA for £25.

How Long Does a Number Plate Stay On Retention?

You can keep your number plate on retention for as long as you wish with a renewed retention certificate. However, each retention certificate last up to 10 years before expiring.

Private Plates with Absolute Reg

If you have a dream number plate in mind that you’re hoping to buy and retain, look no further than Absolute Reg. With our number plate search tool, you can find a plate in no time. In fact, we have over 50 million combinations to choose from!

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