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With years of experience selling registration plates, Absolute Reg is the perfect choice if you want to sell your private number plate. We’re constantly looking for fresh new registrations to purchase into stock or to sell on a commission basis.

Simply fill out the form below and within 24 hours you will receive your own private plate valuation. All you have to do is accept and we’ll get to work on selling your private plates right away.

How Can I Sell My Private Number Plate?

1. Check Whether You Are Able to Sell Your Plates

Before looking to sell your number plate(s) there are a few things to check before doing so. Firstly, if your registration is marked ‘non-transferable’ unfortunately you will not be able to sell your plates. 

You will then either need to have one of the following: number plate registered under your first and last name, or are the purchaser or guarantee with either a Certificate of Entitlement (V750) or Certificate of Retention (V778).

Use our sophisticated number plate search functionality to search across 50 million private registrations. Whether you’re looking for a registration to match your name, initials, nickname, or something else, it couldn’t be easier.

2. Find Out How Much Your Plates Are Worth

To find out how much your number plate is worth, simply fill out the form below. As well as your name and address, you’ll have to tell us details of your registration plate and any other information that you think would be important when it comes to selling it. 

Within 24 hours of submitting your form, you will receive a valuation from a member of our team. In order to get the best deal to sell your number plate, our team conducts extensive market research using the information you’ve given us to find the most accurate price.

3. We Advertise the Sale of your Plates

Once you’ve accepted our valuation, we’ll get to work on selling your registration plate. Our team will actively search for buyers through our networks, social media channels, national newspapers, and magazines.

4. Sell Your Number Plates and Get Paid

When our team finds a buyer, we’ll sell your number plate at the agreed price on your valuation. You don’t have to do anything at this stage. We'll handle the sales process so all you have to do is sit back and we’ll pay the money directly to you.

Please note that Absolute Reg cannot give valuations over the phone. If you do have any questions regarding selling your number plate through us, please call us on 0207 205 2347 or email us at

By submitting a registration to our website you are agreeing to the selling terms and conditions which can be found here.

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