Funny Number Plates You Can Actually Buy in the UK

Funny Number Plates You Can Actually Buy in the UK

A funny or rude number plate is an attention grabbing statement for your vehicle. You can turn heads, show off your personality, or put a smile on someone’s face. 

Humour is subjective and, naturally, some people may think these plates are in poor taste. If you don’t like rude words, read on with caution!

Often, these combinations happen by accident, and pass by the DVLA without getting banned. 

All the number plates in this list are real, genuine and available to buy from Absolute Reg. Read on to discover our favourites…


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Rude Number Plates

Funny Number Plates

Which number plates are banned by the DVLA?

Every year, new number plates get banned by the DVLA. That’s because, as new plates get released in March and September, they create new offensive combinations. 

For example, in 2023, the prefix AN73 was banned because it could read as ‘ANTI’ or ‘ANY’. Equally, HA73 can be read as ‘HATES’. More shocking combinations include AS73 HOL, BU73 SHT, and EA73 DCK.

You can learn more in our guide to 2023 number plates

Buy & Sell Number Plates with Absolute Reg

With over 50 million plates to choose from – that’s even more than the DVLA – you can always find a plate you like on Absolute Reg. Personalise your vehicle, buy a gift for a friend and make a wise investment. 

Not only that, with our price promise, if you find the same plate cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match the price (or even beat it).

Start your number plate search today.

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