This registration is valid on any vehicles registered after 1st August 1992

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  • Registration Price£165.00
  • Registration VAT£33.00
  • DVLA Transfer Fee £80.00
Total: £278.00
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  • 24 months (14.9%) £13.47* per month
  • 12 months (14.9%) £25.08* per month
*Rates, totals and monthly payment amount are indicative and are subject to status.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign K28 FEK to my vehicle?

The DVLA state you cannot make your vehicle appear newer than it actually is by assigning a private registration mark. K28 FEK can be assigned to any vehicle registered on or after the 1st August 1992.

What information do I require to purchase K28 FEK

Absolute Reg only requires the registered keepers name of the vehicle you are transferring the number plate to. This is entered during the checkout process, you will also be asked for the current number plate of the vehicle, please note this is NOT required if you are unsure.

I don’t wish to transfer K28 FEK to a vehicle immediately, can I hold it?

Yes, of course. Absolute Reg can supply all registration marks on a 10 year retention certificate. This option can be selected during the checkout process and does NOT incur any additional charges. Please note: The DVLA transfer fee is always payable at the point of purchase, but you will not be charged again when you assign your registration mark at a later date.

Can you transfer K28 FEK for me and how long does it take?

Yes! Absolute Reg would be more than happy to assist you with the transfer of your new private number plate. We have a specialist in house transfers team in order to complete all assignments smoothly and as soon as possible. Registration transfers are usually completed within 3 – 5 working days.

I am purchasing a new and unregistered vehicle, can I assign K28 FEK to it?

Yes. Absolute Reg will send the certificate (V750) to you or directly to your garage in order to complete the assignment.

I wish to purchase K28 FEK as a gift, how can I do this?

Private number plates are excellent gifts and becoming more and more popular. At Absolute Reg we like to make the process as simply as possible for yourself and that lucky person – And they won’t know anything about it.

The only information required from you is the name of the person that the vehicle is registered to. This is entered in the nominee field when completing the checkout process, we do NOT require the current number plate, this can be added at a later date.

Absolute Reg offers an assisted transfer option, this means our specialist in house team handle and take away the stress of transferring the new private number plate on your behalf, and this can be selected during the checkout process.

We can even supply you with a set of plates, which can be nicely wrapped for the occasion.

All of our documents and plates are sent in plain envelopes so no one should suspect anything.

Absolute Reg Guarantee

Buy in confidence from Absolute Reg. Have your perfect registration plate delivered directly to your door within a matter of days.

Opting for an assisted transfer makes the process even easier, let us deal with the paperwork and legalities. All you have to do is simply fit your cherished number plate to your vehicle. If you do have any questions in regards to your personalised registration our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to help.