Celebrity Number Plates to Look Out For

Celebrity Number Plates to Look Out For

Just like the rest of us, celebs use personalised plates to show that their car is really theirs. Using a personalised plate on a car is a brilliant way to put your personality into a car. In this article we will cover some of the most notable plates you could see while on the roads.


“AMS 1”

The “AMS 1” plate is currently in use by none other than Lord Alan Sugar. Sitting proudly on his Rolls-Royce Phantom 8, the “AMS 1” not only shows Lord Sugars’ initials but could also be used to represent his company Amstrad.

“23 D”

The “23 D” plate is currently owned by Duncan Bannatyne. The Dragon’s Den business mogul has stated in previous interviews that the plate was a gift from his first wife that he still sports to this day.



The “BOX IIIG” plate is one of a few plates owned by boxer Amir Kahn. The sports star also owns the plates “V60 XER” and “A180 XER” but saves the place on his BMW for his prized “BOX IIIG” plate.

“AND 20S”

The “AND 20S” plate is currently owned by footballer Andros Townsend. It’s clear to see why the English footballer took a liking to this plate with the plate being almost identical to his own name.


Originally belonging to Pope John Paul II, the “VIP 1” plate was bought in 2006 by Roman Abramovich. Reportedly being bought for a sum of £285,000, it is now displayed on his Maybach 62.


“JAM 335Y”

The “JAM 335Y” is currently owned by James Buckley. The Inbetweeners star currently owns at least three separate plate but sports his favourite on his classic vibrant blue Mini.

“2 FF”

The instantly recognisable plate “2 FF” is currently owned by retired actress Fiona Fullerton. The former bond girl now sports her iconic plate on her equally iconic dark green Jaguar Sovereign.

Famous Personalities

“A 7”

Released by London council in 1903 when plates were given out on a first-come-first-served basis, the “A 7” plate was owned by HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Since her death it is unclear who the plate now belongs to, however it is almost guaranteed to have made it’s way down the royal family tree.

“H41 RDO”

The “H41 RDO” plate is a perfect example of your plate being an extension of your personality. This plate is currently owned by celebrity hair stylist Nicky Clarke who has previously stated that the plate is just for fun rather than a way to express his success.

“MAG 1C”

As the plate would suggest, the “MAG 1C” plate is owned by someone truly magical. Paul Daniels bought the plate and the Ferrari it was on in the mid eighties. When asked about the plate Daniels said “The previous owner told me that he was so glad I was buying the car and plate because he was sick of people asking if it belonged to Paul Daniels".