New 2023 Number Plates: Explained

New 2023 Number Plates: Explained

Not sure what’s happening with the new 2023 number plates? Every year, the DVLA issues new number plates. They release two new numbers in March and September, which help the DVLA (and other road users) to work out the age of the vehicle.  

In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about the changes, including what’s happening and when. Plus, you’ll learn how to work out the age of your car, and which plates have been banned by the DVLA in 2023!

What new number plates are being introduced in 2023?

New number plates with the age identifiers 23 and 73 are being introduced in 2023. With the new/current style of number plate, the first two letters show you the region the car was registered in. Then, the next two letters denote the age of the vehicle. It’s these two numbers that are changing in 2023, as they do every six months, to 23 and then 73. 

When are the new 23 number plates being released?

Number plates including 23 were introduced on the 1st of March 2023. New plates get released in March every year, for example, 22 was introduced in 2022. 

When are the new 73 number plates being released?

Number plates with the age identifier 73 were introduced on the 1st of September 2023. Likewise, last year, the 72 number plate was introduced in September 2022. 

How do number plate registrations work?

Number plate registrations include a sequence of letters and numbers. Depending on the number plate style, these letters and numbers – and where they come in the sequence – will help you to understand the vehicle’s age and where it was registered. 

The current style of number plates was introduced in 2001. With these plates, the first two letters denote the area it was registered in. The first letter is the region, and the next is the DVLA office. Then, the next two numbers tell you the vehicle’s age. After this, the letters and numbers are randomised. 

Other styles of number plate work slightly differently. For example, prefix style plates came before the current style. Here, the letter at the start denotes the year of registration. Conversely, with suffix plates, it’s the letter at the end that tells you the age. 

Dateless number plates are much rarer, as they were the first ever plates to be introduced in the UK. The letters and numbers are randomised, so it’s very hard to tell the age and location where the vehicle was registered. 

How do I work out the age of my car?

If you have a number plate in the new/current style, it’s the two numbers after the first two letters that tell you the age of the car. 

Here’s a quick table to help you work out how old your car is:

Year of Registration March Number September Number
2023 23 73
2022 22 72
2021 21 71
2020 20 70
2019 19 69
2018 18 68
2017 17 67
2016 16 66
2015 15 65
2014 14 64
2013 13 63
2012 12 62
2011 11 61
2010 10 60
2009 09 59
2008 08 58
2007 07 57
2006 06 56
2005 05 55
2004 04 54
2003 03 53
2002 02 52

Which number plates have been banned by the DVLA in 2023?

With the introduction of 23 and 73 number plates, the DVLA has banned more plates. This is to make sure that no rude or offensive plates are seen on the roads. Any with the prefix ‘AN73’ are banned, as this can read as ‘ANTI’ or ‘ANY’. Likewise, those with ‘HA73’ are banned because it could be shorthand for ‘HATES’. You can read a full breakdown of the banned plates, accessed via Freedom of Information request, on Auto Express

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