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Confused about how the transfer process works? Don't panic!

Absolute Reg explains everything step by step, and even offers to complete the whole transfer for you.

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Receiving your documentation & assigning your personalised number plate

Once you have ordered your new personalised registration plate, we will send an order confirmation right away.
Absolute Reg will supply all documentation usually within 7 working days. Once you have recieved these your new private number plate documents these can easily be used in order to complete the transfer to your vehicle with the DVLA - At no further costs!

Registration Types

There are many types of car registration plate, many of which include a location and year identifier for when and where the mark was first registered.

Some others more cherished plates are dateless meaning that they can be applied to any vehicle regardless of its age. Here is a quick summary of the various number plate types.

Current / New Style

Current registration plates, also referred to ???new style registrations???, were introduced in September 2001. These number plates identify the year of issuance with a number. For example, 01 = Mar 2001, the first month of issuance.


Prefix Style

Prefix number plates were launched in 1983, and contain a letter at the beginning of the registration to indicate the year in which the vehicle was registered. For example, A = August 1983, the first month of issuance.


Suffix Style

Suffix number plates were introduced in 1963, and contain three letters and three numbers. The last letter indicates the year in which the vehicle was registered, for example, A = August 1963.

ABC 123


Dateless number plates can be used on any vehicle regardless of age. Often a prized collectors item owing to its rarity, a dateless reg plate contains a combination of 1, 2 or 3 numbers/letters. For example, A1, 123 A, or 123 ABC.

123 ABC

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