3 Private Number Plate Trends We Expect To See In 2022

3 Private Number Plate Trends We Expect To See In 2022

The world of personalised number plates has long been a fascinating one, and it is certainly not one that stays still. In fact, various trends have arisen down the years around private vehicle plates – and below are three of those that we particularly anticipate this year.

4D number plates 

Thanks to the latest technology, the addition of 3D and 4D personalised number plates can allow drivers to improve the overall appearance of their car exteriors. Because 3D and 4D number plates are both aesthetically appealing and legal, they’ve become an increasingly popular option among car-owners – and they look destined to take off in 2022.

4D number plates are number plates with elevated numbers and lettering that stand out more from the plate’s background, giving off a 4D look.

Several motorists buy customised number plates to spruce up and add personal touches to their prized vehicles, and with many drivers now adopting the trend of installing so-called 4D registration plates, people have begun to ask whether they are genuinely legal.

Amid the increasing popularity of personalised number plates, the police have reportedly been stopping and questioning drivers with these sorts of licence plates. While there are no laws or regulations prohibiting raised numbers and lettering on a registration plate, the figures must not elevate and protrude to the point where the registration is obscured when viewed from an angle or elevation.

4D number plates are often advised against, but they are completely legal and have no limitations for you or your vehicle. Aside from these plates being cool to look at, there are some great reasons to have personalised 4D number plates fitted to your motor. 

4D plates allow you to distinguish your car from others on the road, and help it to stand out from other vehicles. They are also fairly resistant to harm and damage due to their flexibility and toughness, meaning your 4D number plate can last for a long time if you treat it with care.

Creative and personal number plates 

Ever since private number plates first came about, it has been a trend to customise one’s registration plate so that it spells out one’s name, initials, a special date, or a meaningful word. And this trend certainly hasn’t dated, as it is one we expect to see in 2022 and for many years to come.

All personal number plates must have a minimum of one number at least; as long as the DVLA number plate style is maintained, numbers can easily be used to constitute letters, which may be very useful when it comes to creating your own customised plate.


The most frequent form of private plate is one that displays a person’s name, but it is also the most desirable, as it allows the owner to make a statement by putting their name on their car.

You could even have some special or unique numbers on your personalised plate that have meaning, rather than a number that has no personal value or meaning for you. This could be your age, date of birth, lucky number, or any other special date or number that is close to you.

You can use numbers and letters to spell out just about any word or initials that you wish to have displayed on your car: you could even have an abbreviation of your favourite sports team, such as ‘PSG’ for the football club, Paris Saint-Germain. 

Adding personal touches to your number plate is the best way to make your car feel like your own and no one else’s, and this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

Number plate trading

With the increasing demand for private and customised number plates, comes a great demand for the most sought-after plates. People are willing to pay large sums of money to acquire the number plate they desire the most. You may have just thought of the most unique private plate design that displays your name and favourite numbers, only to discover that plate is already taken. Well, there are many sought-after private plates and that means only one thing: owners of these plates can sell them on or trade them for good money.

Traders of used, second-hand number plates started noticing trends and patterns over time in the types of number plates drivers were purchasing and the sums of money they were prepared to pay for them.

Many plates were clearly seen as more valuable and in-demand than other plates, and plate merchants began purchasing and selling them based on specific characteristics.

We expect to see more and more individuals selling valuable number plates for big money in 2022, with even more drivers on the road demanding the private plate they really want.