64 Registration - Banned Plates

64 Registration - Banned Plates

What are 64 Reg number plates?

With the release date of the new 64 plate registration mark fast approaching in September, the DVLA has now decided on the banned registration marks for this age identifier. The Sunday Times have reported a total of 120 registration marks have been banned in the September release.

The 64 registration mark offers a huge selection of registration plates, with the 6 and the 4 able to represent a wide range of letters such as a ‘G’ or an ‘A’ , or alternatively combining the 64 together to represent ‘GA’, ‘GH’, ‘GE’ and ‘BA’.

A ban on “inappropriate” UK car plates

The DVLA has previously banned “inappropriate” combinations, and will do the same in September.

The lettering combination VA64AZL, often used to spell a certain term made famous on the show The Only Way Is Essex, has been nixed, as have number plates such as NO64 LLS (No Balls) and SH64 GGY (Shaggy). These and other custom number plates will no longer be available in the September release.

Although these registration marks have been removed from sale, you will be sure to find some exciting, sought-after reg plates in our selection. We are certain to see a race for the purchase of EN64 GED - perfect for celebrating anyone’s upcoming nuptials. And although we weren’t successful in this year’s World Cup, die-hard fans are sure to be clamouring for personalised number plates sporting EN64 LND and CH64 MPS, just in time for the Euros!

Check out the range of 64 plate registration marks that are ready to purchase now, as well as those issued in September, and don’t miss out!