How to Prepare Your Car for Driving in Cold Weather

How to Prepare Your Car for Driving in Cold Weather

How to Prepare Your Car for Driving in Cold Weather

Summer is in full spring but it won't be long until autumn arrives and with it, depending on where you live in the UK, comes frost and ice. To ensure that you are properly prepared for anything that driving in colder weather may throw at you consider this checklist.

Check Your Tyres

The recommended minimum tread for winter travel is 3mm. If yours are below this or nearing this point now is the time to do something about it. With the potential for cold weather bringing snow and ice onto the roads drivers need to have as much grip as possible.

Undergo Basic Maintenance

Grease hinges and locks with WD40, rub down seals with petroleum jelly to stop them sticking in the cold, clean or replace wiper blades and check that your oil, water and de-icer is topped up.

Pack the Car for Winter Emergencies

Whether you are travelling four hours to visit family or thirty minutes to get to work ensure that you have everything in the car you might need in case of a breakdown or being stuck in snow (etc).

A blanket

Nutritious snacks and drinks

A flashlight and spare batteries

A collapsible shovel could be handy if stuck in snow

Activities and games for children

Hi Vis jacket/s

Red emergency triangle

Change for a pay phone if no phone signal is available

Sensible all-weather wear including boots

An in-car phone charger

Relevant numbers such as your local garage, your breakdown company details and anything other information likely to be needed.

Time sensitive medicine should be taken along if travelling away from home, even if you expect to be home before it is needed.

A tow rope

Fill It Up

If stuck in snow or broken down in cold weather you will likely keep the engine running in order to ensure the heating keeps going. Make sure you have more than enough fuel, not only for your normal trip, for extra miles caused by bad weather detours and for keeping you warm when needed.

Regardless of how well maintained your car is and how well packed your boot may be the very best thing you can do to ensure your safety in bad weather conditions is not drive unless absolutely necessary. If you must travel make sure someone knows where you are going and check local and national weather reports as well as travel news so that you may avoid delays and danger areas when winter driving.

Make Sure Your Personalised Number Plate is Clean

It’s an offence for your number plate to be illegible but in winter it’s easy to cover the car in mud and grime! When cleaning the car, make sure you carefully clean the number plate too.

You can also add a good finish with a wax or polish to protect it from freezing temperatures.

It's always best to book a seasonal or winter car service to ensure your car is in the safest condition possible.