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What are your number plate options?

Absolute Reg is proud to offer every private registration type possible. With over 45 million number plates available and prices starting at just £89, we are sure to have a registration mark for everyone at the most competitive prices possible.

Dateless registrations are great for everyone, and no one will ever know the age of your vehicle. Some do come at a premium price, but here at Absolute Reg, we like to keep our prices as low as possible. We offer cheap dateless number plates from as low as £400!

Suffix registrations are hard to come by, but when you find a great Suffix number plate, be sure to snap it up quickly. Suffix registrations look great, and can be assigned to pretty much any vehicle around today. Take a look at the Suffix registration plates we have in stock today, and rest assured we guarantee to be the most competitively priced out there!

Buy a wide range of new reg plates for less

Prefix number plates are our most popular type of registration plates, with prices starting from as low as £89. With millions of great choices available, Absolute Reg can guarantee that we will have a prefix number plate you’re sure to fall in love with! Check out our prefix search now on the homepage to find a great personalised registration at the best price around.

Current Style number plates are again very popular, and can easily represent a desired name, business or initials. With over 20 million variations available, there will definitely be something perfect for you.

Northern Irish registration plates are the cheapest registration marks offered due to the minimal fees around them, and a great way to hide the age of your vehicle. Every Northern Irish number plate will contain either the letter I or Z, which symbolizes for the DVLA where the number plate was first issued.

Want to know about our range of UK number plates? Contact the Absolute Reg team today.


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