How To Retrieve A Stolen Number Plate

How To Retrieve A Stolen Number Plate

Having your number plates stolen is more than just a pain and an inconvenience. Misuse of your number plate could result in unexpected fines for parking or speeding. In fact, 27000 number plates are stolen each year in the UK which equals almost 70 every day. So, making sure you can retrieve your stolen number plate, replace it and improve the security of your number plate is essential

But how can you replace and retrieve your stolen number plate? In this blog, we’ll show you what you need to do when your number plate has been stolen, how to retrieve and replace it and how you can improve the security of your number plate.

Why Do People Steal Number Plates?

Number plates are stolen to help criminals to cover their activity. They may use your number plates for street racing, to deliver illegal goods, to avoid fines or to try to sell on your number plate.

What Steps Should You Take When Your Number Plate Is Stolen? 

Once you’ve realised that your number plate is missing or stolen, there are a few steps you need to immediately follow. By completing these steps quickly, you can ensure that the process of getting a replacement plate will be quicker as well. See all the steps below for what you should do when your number plate is stolen.

Step 1) Report Your Stolen Number Plates To The Police 

The first step is to inform the police that your number plate has been stolen. When you report your stolen number plate, they should give you a crime reference number. You will need this for your insurance claim as well as any further discrepancies that may occur. Having this is also incredibly important if you receive any fines as a result of your number plate being stolen, and should help you to avoid having to pay them.

Step 2) Inform The DVLA Of Your Stolen Plates

The next step is to inform the DVLA that your number plate has been stolen. This is a very important step to take when you have been a victim of number plate theft. It makes sure that the DVLA is aware that your number plate is being misused and that it is not you. This is also an important step for making sure that your insurance claim goes through successfully. It also helps to ensure that you don’t suffer from any unintended consequences.

Step 3) Call Your Insurance Company 

The third step to take is to talk to your insurance company. Even if you don’t plan on making a claim on your stolen plates, it’s worth informing your insurance company anyway. Keeping a record of your plates being stolen will also be very useful if any misuse occurs.

Step 4) Look For Replacement Number Plates 

If you need to replace your stolen number plates, suppliers like Absolute Reg can help you. We have thousands of number plates to choose from in a variety of styles. So finding a replacement plate is easy. 

Step 5) Monitor Your Post And Correspondence

You need to keep an eye on any correspondence after you report your number plate theft to the DVLA, police and your insurance company. Keep an eye out to see if you receive any unexpected fines or discrepancies. If you do get any fines or tickets, you can contact the agency that issues the fine or ticket and use your criminal reference number to dispute whatever the charges are.

How To Protect Your Number Plates From Being Stolen 

In order to avoid having your number plates stolen, or stolen again, there are certain security measures you can take to add extra security to your vehicle. Below are some simple things which you can do to protect your number plates from being stolen by thieves.

Careful Parking 

Whenever you decide to park your car, you should always find the safest possible place, especially if you are leaving your car for a prolonged period of time. So, ideally, you could park your car in an indoor car park, or garage.

If you are unable to park your car in a secure, indoor space, the next best place to park your car would be somewhere public. Busy, well-lit areas are the best, since these places are generally where the least crime occurs statistically. Parking your car next to a CCTV camera would also be ideal.

If all of these options are not available to you, parking near the entrances of buildings is also a good idea as it means that your car will be visible to the public.

Use Anti-Theft Screws

Screws are both the most popular and usually most secure way of protecting your number plate. However, if they use normal screws, criminals could still access and steal your number plates.

To fully protect your cherished number plates, you can purchase and install anit-theft number plates instead. There are quite a few differences between normal screws and anti-theft screws. 

The anti-theft screws come with bolts and locking tools to ensure that your number plate is tightly in place and is unable to be removed without the right tools. The fact that most are manufactured using anodized aluminium also means that they are virtually impossible to remove by force.

These add an extra layer of protection for your number plate and can help you avoid having your number plates stolen.

Purchasing Private Number Plates From Absolute Reg 

At Absolute Reg, we offer an extensive range of number plates. This means you can easily find almost any plate and give it your unique touch. You can trust us to deliver your number plate on time and without any hassle. That's why awarded Absolute Reg the top rating for on-time delivery in 2020. 

Private registration plates let you add a personal touch to your car, deter theft and, given some time, could even turn a profit. Enhance your driving experience with Absolute Reg's private number plates for a more luxurious feel.

Ready to get your perfect registration plate? Simply use our number plate search to find your ideal number plate and place your order today.


How Do I Report Cloned Number Plates? 

To report cloned number plates in the UK, you should contact the police by either visiting the nearest police station in person or calling the non-emergency police number. Provide them with detailed information about the cloned number plates, including the registration number and any relevant details about the vehicle involved.

Can I Drive If My Number Plates Have Been Stolen? 

If your number plates have been stolen in the UK, you should not drive the vehicle until you have obtained replacement plates. Driving without valid number plates can lead to legal issues. Report the theft to the police and contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to order replacement plates as soon as possible.

Is It Illegal To Have Missing Number Plates?

Yes, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with missing number plates in the UK. Vehicles must display a front and rear number plate, and failure to do so can result in legal consequences. If your number plates are missing, you should report it to the police and obtain replacement plates from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) promptly.

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