The UK's Rarest Cars

The UK's Rarest Cars

The UK's Rarest Cars

If you browse throughout the history of the world, you’ll find some gorgeous car designs! These are usually defined by beautiful curves, wonderful proportions, and just plain-perfect combination between bold and classic.

Still, if you look closer, you’ll see that most legendary models were built in the European area, and the UK has serious reasons to gloat. We have some wonderfully rare cars that bear the pride of our engineers’ genius, but our collectors didn’t stop at just British cars. So, if there were to do an inventory, there are some amazing cars on our island and below you can see the rarest of them all.

Ford Cortina

We used to have tens of thousands of these on our roads and they filled our hearts with joy and our sight with their beauty. However, according to How Many Left, there are only over 3,800 left in the UK now.

So, from the UK's best-selling car (in the 1970s) nowadays it is considered one of the Britain’s rarest cars.

Ferrari 250GT California Spider

This beauty was a rarity from the start because only 56 cars were built. This jacked up the price of one car to £5.6 million (paid by Chris Evans in 2008), but it looks amazing in our actor’s collection. It is a wonderful car that makes us wonder why they don’t make it like that anymore.

Vauxhall Victor

With only 829 left in the UK, the Vauxhall Victor is considered an endangered car. This was designed as a big family car, but boasts a modern design and features. It was also Britain’s most exported car (for a short period of time) and this got the wonderfully weird Victor all over the world.

The Vauxhall Victor had six series (F, FB, FC, FD, FE, and the VX) and ended up with Big Bertha when it got a bit too big to be called a family car anymore.

1964 Maserati Mistral

The Mistral is another work of art and was very popular between 1963 and 1970. The Maserati Mistral is considered the successor of the 3500 GT and was among the last models to implement the twin-spark, double overhead straight six engine.

Nowadays, there are very few cars left and one of them is owned by the celebrity chef James Martin. At a first glance, you’ll see why someone who owns such a beauty would love to use an AbsoluteReg private number plate on it. The car attracts enough attention to promote your personal brand using a discrete and elegant channel.

Austin Allegro

There are only 186 cars left out of the 642.370 that were built, but the Austin Allegra is deeply connected with the Seventies Britain. The car was considered a small family car, but it got a bad reputation because of the unusual steering wheel that was difficult to manoeuvre.

While we can’t see it as a technical marvel or a wonderfully beautiful car, it is still good-looking and was part of our history.

Morris Ital

This is a car born and raised in the UK and there was a time when it was a common occurrence on the streets. However, today there are only 47 left and the number is dropping rapidly.

The car was launched in 1980 and was designed as a revamp of the old Morris Marina design. I sold well during the 1980s as it offered competitive prices and low maintenance, but it was also the last car designed under the Morris brand.

However, regardless of the benefits it was trying to offer, the Morris Ital ended up with a bad reputation and was second in a poll of ‘the worst British car ever’ put together by The Sun (the first was the Austin Allegro).